I didn’t get to do a post mania article due to migraines. (more on that in what will become my most read article later)

So instead I’ll just combine all three nights (Mania/Raw/SD) in one post.


Roman lost! The match challenged our belief system. Braun, Samoa Joe, and AJ Styles can be vanquished by one F5. It took 6 for Roman to go down. But he went down! The fan in me loved it. But this was the wrong decision. WWE just delayed the inevitable when we already had come to terms that Roman would win. I’m not a Roman guy, however, the belt being on tv each week and the new feuds to follow gave me some excitement. Now we wait, again.

Asuka lost! Asuka’s undefeated streak didn’t have the mystique of Goldberg’s streak or even the Undertaker’s streak. She was on Raw nearly losing each week. No sign of real dominance minus a couple squashes. This match with Charlotte didn’t have the typical finisher kick out exchanges. Charlotte landed the one handed figure 8 and it was tap out time. Almost like when Conor McGregor tapped to Nate Diaz. There was the surprise. But not the epic get out of trouble comeback one expected. Charlotte vs Rousey is clearly the future. Can’t wait.

Speaking of Rousey, damn did she exceed expectation! I thought she would be protected only to armbar Stephanie in the end. Instead, Rousey did real wrestling moves. She had a real match. HHH and Kurt followed Toby Keith’s motto, I’m not as good as I once was, but I’m good once as I ever was. Highly entertaining match. Should’ve went on later in the card.

The Undertaker squashed John Cena! I love this! I hated the buildup but the end result was great. John Cena is a trooper. To agree to get squashed even by a legend is a tough thing for a legend in his own right to do. Good for both. Maybe we get a rematch later on down the line.

Overall this was a good show. Go back and watch some of the matches like AJ/Shin and Brock/Roman separately without the hours of fatigue. It’s better than you thought.


Not much in terms of storytelling on this show. This was the night of debuts and returns. Here’s my take on those people.

Ember Moon: She’s going to be awesome. I hope she goes to Smackdown to keep her away from Asuka initially and put her in the title picture more quickly.

No Way Jose: Cool entrance and doesn’t really have to do much to succeed? Sounds like Enzo Amore to me.

Jeff Hardy: Put him on Smackdown. Matches with AJ Styles, Shinsuke, and Daniel Bryan await. Maybe one last WWE title run.

AOP: Please go to Smackdown. I love New Day and The Usos but damn it’s repetitive. AOP vs Bludgeon Brothers in a smash off.

Samoa Joe: Hopefully he’s in the Universal Title picture sooner than later.

Bobby Lashley: He has improved over the last few years since his WWE/ECW days. Lesnar v Lashley hopefully at Summerslam.

What else happened? Brock Lesnar resigns. He’s got to do something while he serves his USADA suspension. Matt and Bray are a tag team. Love it. Bray needs a look change or at least an outfit change though. Paige retired where she won her title on her debut four years ago. Hopefully she can find happiness in her new role…


Paige is the General Manager! Love it!

Nakamura has to answer for what he did to AJ Styles at Mania. He says he’s sorry (he’s not) then says he doesn’t speak English lol.

The Iconic Duo of Peyton Royce and Billie Kay interrupt Charlotte’s victory speech. The Duo beats down Charlotte. Carmella cashes in and wins! New Smackdown Women’s Champion Carmella! So Charlotte is headed to Raw next week.

Randy Orton won a US Title Number One Contender Match. Same for the Usos in the Tag division. Yawn.

Daniel Bryan vs AJ Styles is the Main Event as decided by Paige. This match is on Smackdown?! Wowzers. This could headline Mania. Luckily it was a good match that ended in DQ thanks to Shinsuke attacking AJ.


The Greatest Royal Rumble and Backlash are shaping up.

Superstar Shakeup is next week.

I feel like this was a pretty good Mania week. Above average Mania. Hot Raw. Good Smackdown. Let’s see what shakes up next week. Until then I’m wrestled out.