It’s time to make my final predictions for WWE Super Show Down! WWE SSD starts at 4 am CST Live from Australia. I’ll have a preshow at 3:30 am CST on YouTube. Just search The Five Star Show. My previous predictions have gone mostly horribly. I’ve picked AJ Styles to lose his WWE Championship every PPV since last year. I’ve also picked Daniel Bryan to win every match since his return. Will I make the same mistakes? A broken clock is correct twice a day. Let’s find out.

Again YouTube The Five Star Show at 3:30 am CST. Twitter @TheFiveStarShow or @5starshowtime. There will be a post show as well on YouTube. Hopefully I survive because I work tonight 5p-12a. So I’m going to be a zombie. But not many sites are doing LIVE coverage so I am taking this opportunity to stand out. Follow me and grow my audience so I too can sleep next overseas event.

Cruiserweight Championship – Cedric Alexander C vs BUDDY MURPHY

I don’t watch 205 Live. But Murphy is Australian and Alexander has been the champion for roughly 6 months. So I’ll pick Murphy.

 Photo via Sports Post


If the plan is to have Ronda face Nikki Bella at Evolution, we have to get there somehow. Maybe there’s in fighting here that leads to problems in the next couple of weeks? I’m not sure but I’m not picking against Rousey any time soon.

Asuka and Naomi vs IICONICS

Not sure why this is here. Other than Iiconics being from Australia. Are we setting up the long rumored women’s tag division? Asuka doesn’t matter anymore. So I’ll go with the home team.

JOHN CENA AND BOBBY LASHLEY vs Elias and Kevin Owens

This is the easiest match to pick. Lashley needs wins. Cena isn’t losing after getting squashed at Mania in his last appearance. Elias and KO can lose every match right now and it wouldn’t matter.

 Photo via Comic Book

THE SHIELD vs The Pack or The Dogs or Whatever Braun and Drew and Dolph

Remember when the Intercontinental Championship was important? Not even on the show. Same for the US title. Hell the Universal Championship isn’t even on the line. B/D/D laid out The Shield on Monday so that means The Shield stands strong in Australia

Smackdown Tag Team Championship – NEW DAY C vs The Bar

New Day rocks and this feud will continue. I think The Bar gets the blue belts down the line. But not in the land down under.

Smackdown Women’s Championship – BECKY LYNCH C vs Charlotte

Becky is on fire. Charlotte got the better of her on Tuesday. But it’s too early to switch the title back to The Queen. Play the hot hand that is The Irish Lass Kicker.

 Photo Via Wrestling News

Number One Contender’s Match for the WWE Championship – DANIEL BRYAN vs The Miz

I’m fantasy booking this. Bryan wins at SSD. Bryan wins the title at Royal Rumble. Miz wins the Royal Rumble. Miz wins the WWE Championship at WrestleMania.

WWE Championship No DQ No Count Out – AJ Styles C vs SAMOA JOE

Here we go again. I’m picking against AJ. AJ got the WWE 2K19 cover. AJ has passed CM Punk for combined days as WWE Champion. And Joe is on fire. Joe takes the belt. This match almost got to headline a PPV! Almost…but the headliner is…

 Photo via News.com.au

Last Time Ever** – Undertaker with Kane vs TRIPLE H WITH SHAWN MICHAELS

Last time ever! As a singles match at least. This match is going to set up something down the road. Whether it’s a tag match. Or Shawn coming out of retirement. There’s no point of having Undertaker win this. Undertaker won “The End of an Era” Hell in a Cell match against H at Mania years ago. Taker beat H at Mania the year before that, too. Taker and Kane destroyed the former leaders of DX on Monday. So HHH and Shawn get revenge in Australia.

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