I got off work at 1am from delivering pizza. Took about a 30 min nap. Now I’m up until WWE SSD ends. The Undertaker is going to come out when the sun comes up and my 2 year old wakes up. Crazy! Check out the pre show on YouTube if you missed it. I’ll have a post show on YouTube after WWE SSD ends.

This is for anybody that wants to breeze through the results before they catch the show later. Live as it happens cliff notes of each match. If I can stay awake. Shoutout to the GF for riding along side me. She’s crazy too.

The Pre Show is complete! Thanks for watching on YouTube and Periscope!

Pyro holy shit Pyro!

Starting off with The Smackdown Tag Team Championship. The Bar is out first. Cole, Graves, and Renee on commentary. Looks like the RAW crew is doing the whole show? It’s a New Day yes it is! It’s Kofi and Xavier representing New Day. New Day off to a hot start. Kofi with a dive caught by The Bar. Cole points out how accomplished Sheamus is. Kinda forget that he’s a 4x World Champ, KOR, RR, and Multiple time Tag Champ. The Bar have control now. New Day catching some momentum. Xavier in with Sheamus. Cool team uppercut spot. Swinging time from Cesaro to Xavier into the sharpshooter. Cesaro pin attempt with foot on the ropes. Kofi breaks it up. Xavier backstabber to Cesaro. Kofi off the top rope. Cesaro eats the pin. 1, 2, 3 New Day retain!

Time for Charlotte vs Becky! Guess we’re saving the Australians for later. It’s the Smackdown Women’s Championship

Becky looking strong to start. Becky drags Charlotte through the bottom rope hard bump for Charlotte. Back in the ring. Becky dominating. Charlotte with the Flair bump followed by Flair chops. Transitioned into an armbar from Becky! What a reversal! Charlotte gets out of an armbar with a powerful slam followed by another. Charlotte with a second rope knee attack. Back and forth action. Becky off the 2nd rope for a two count. Figure four from Charlotte blocked by Becky into a big boot from Charlotte for a 2 count. Exchanging forearms. Spear! 2 count. Charlotte almost had it! Moonsault comes up blocked with the knees.Becky up top now! Missed the leg drop. Boston Crab from Flair to Lynch. Rope break. Becky escapes and grabs her belt. Charlotte won’t let her leave. Back in the ring. Another spear! Charlotte can’t pin her. Charlotte goes for the figure 4. Trying to make it a figure 8! Becky grabs her belt that was laying at the edge of the ring and hits Charlotte with the title! Charlotte wins. Becky retains! Charlotte with a post match attack. Becky counters. Bexploder on the apron. Becky keeps beating Flair. Lynch grabs her belt and leaves.

Elias and KO in the ring with the guitar

Elias playing Thunderstruck! Elias playing to the crowd. KO gets cheered. KO kills the city to get boos. They were being cheered. Elias is interrupted by Lashley. Lio wasn’t allowed in the carry on bag apparently. Cena! Cena looks leaner and has hair plugs according to the GF. Elias and Lashley start. Bobby in charge. KO in. Lashley still in charge. Cena just hype man at this point. Lashley calls out Cena. Elias with a cheap shot to Cena. KO gets control. Elias tags in. Elias in charge now. Setting up hero Cena looks like. KO in. KO talking shit. KO and Elias good tag work. Elias in. Lashley tried to get Elias but crashed through the outside. Elias throws Bobby into the post. Back in the ring. Tag. KO splash off the top. 2 count. Cena getting a clap going. Lashley spinebuster to KO. Slow drag to tag. Cena in. Shoulder tackle to slam to Elias. You Can’t See Me Knuckle Shuffle. AA to Elias! New move of doom! The Punch! Cole calls it the 6th move of doom hahaha. The Chinese Punch! Cena and Lashley win!

Cena grabs the mic. Thank you. WWE is home. Cena never forgets where he came from. Cena doesn’t know about the future. Cena acknowledges the What Chant. Gets the crowd hype. No better feeling.

Iiconics time! They don’t even get a huge pop at home. Mic segment. No place like home. Asuka time. Not gonna lie, I might cat nap this match. Just going to post a winner here. Glow time. That’s all I got for this one. Winner will be posted. Iiconics win!


Smackdown is and always will be the B show. I want Taker to close the show. I get Ronda being near the end. But her match is non title. The cruiserweight? I get it it. Dude is from Australia. But come on man. Hell I forgot Daniel Bryan vs Miz! This is idiotic! The WWE Championship is mid card.

Good fight to start things off. AJ with a kick from hell! Joe with a hella chop! Woo! This is stiffness. Joe forearm dive. Joe in charge. I’m watching this more than typing this. Don’t want to miss anything. Sorry it’s my site and it’s 5:30 AM. AJ with a flurry. Both men down. What a move flip reverse DDT off the top rope from AJ to Joe. 2 count. Styles Clash countered into a throw in the corner followed by clothesline for a 2 count. Joe with the Randy Orton slam. Joe catches AJ from a second rope flip. Dangerous looking slam from Joe to AJ for a 2 count. AJ bleeding from the mouth. Joe has a steel chair. Dropkick to the chair off Joe’s face! AJ has the chair. Beating time!

AJ tried to jump off the chair onto Joe in the corner. Joe caught him and slammed him into the chair with a uranage! 2 count. Joe gets more weapons. A chair! Bang to AJ! Now a table! Joe gets AJ on the top rope. AJ blocks. AJ carries Joe through the table! Joe grabs his knee in pain. This is a great match! Joe says his knee popped. AJ wearing said knee out. AJ with a calf crusher attempt countered into the Clutch! No rope break in this match! No DQ. Styles escapes! Hangs Joe on the rope. AJ 450 onto the bad knee! AJ with stiff kicks to the “bad” knee of Joe. Fighting near the crowd now. Phenomenal Forearm connects off the barricade. AJ rolls Joe into the ring. Forearm time again! No! Caught! Clutch! Joe has the Clutch! Joe flips AJ while trying to keep the Clutch locked in. 2 count.

Joe with a loud chop. Joe tried to hit the muscle buster. AJ counters! Clutch! Transitioned! Calf Crusher! AJ has it locked in! Joe taps! The calf crusher causes Joe to tap! AJ Styles Retains the WWE Championship.

GF asleep making me sleepy as we get a SD 1000 ad. It’s 5:50 AM

It’s Ronda and Bellas vs Riott Squad…after the WWE CHAMPIONSHIP but I digress.

I missed the first part smoking a cig. Sarah and Nikki are in the ring now. Liv with a top rope move to Nikki. Nikki kicked Liv’s head again not serious like Botchas. Sarah legal now. Quick tag to Ruby. Ruby hot with this new hair. Sarah legal kicking Nikki in the ovaries. Ronda is in! Wearing out Logan with punches. Bellas fighting of the squad. Ronda and Logan in the ring, Armbar? Nope Liv breaks it up. Liv and Logan double teaming Ronda as the Bellas are down on the outside. Ronda decided to beat both these women’s asses, Double Armbar to Liv and Logan! Ronda and Bellas win! A double armbar! Crazy! Bellas and Ronda hug.

Cruiserweight time! Yes! I can nap a few min! Winner will be posted. Sorry. Gotta pick and choose my spots.

…I fell asleep. I’m sorry. I missed the cruiserweights and the beginning of Shield vs Pack. I’m exhausted I’m tapping out. I’m sorry. Post show cancelled. I can’t keep my eyes open.

It’s 2:20 PM CST and I’m just waking up to catch the rest of the show. Thanks for keeping up with thefivestarshow.com Sorry I couldn’t keep up.