The time has come. I’ve given you my thoughts after Raw. (What?) I’ve given you my thoughts after Smackdown. (What?) I gave you my fantasy booking. (What?) And now it’s my FINAL SummerSlam predictions. This is what I think will happen. If I were betting, which as you know I don’t bet on WWE, this is who I would put my money on.

CBS Sports helped me keep track of the card. This isn’t the official match sequence order. Just using the CBS Sports order to keep it organized. My picks are in bold.

I am also adding the picks of my two co-workers/good friends. The (real) Brothers of Destruction. John and Jeremy. We might have some money on this. Or lunch next shift. They didn’t pick the Preshow because I ran out of room on the clipboard at work.


Andrade “Cien” Almas and Zelina Vega vs. Rusev and Lana

I think Aiden English gets involved again. I’m over it. This time I think Aiden is actually useful and helps Rusev Day get the win.

Cruiserweight Championship – Cedric Alexander (C) vs. Drew Gulak

I don’t watch 205 Live that much. This is a 100% coin flip guess. The coin says Alexander.

Raw Tag Team Championship – The B Team (c) vs. The Revival

The B Team has been fun. Now it’s time to end the fun. The Raw tag team division needs a kick in the ass. Revival needs to be the team kicking ass.


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Baron Corbin vs. Finn Balor

Don’t care at all. Corbin has the Constable role win or lose. Balor needs to win matches to keep people caring. I don’t care unless he’s The Demon.

John: Corbin  Jeremy: Corbin

SmackDown Tag Team Championship – Bludgeon Brothers (c) vs. New Day

I don’t have tons of confidence in this. It’s just my feeling. New Day haven’t been the champions in quite some time. They were on the Preshow last year. That’s why I think New Day wins.

John: Bludgeon Brothers  Jeremy: New Day

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MITB on the lineBraun Strowman vs Kevin Owens

I’ve enjoyed this feud. And I love the stipulation for this match. But let’s not get crazy folks. The Monster will keep his briefcase.

John: Strowman  Jeremy: Strowman

United States Championship — Shinsuke Nakamura (C) vs. Jeff Hardy

It’s too soon to take the title off Shinsuke. How will Randy Orton be involved? Does this become a last minute triple-threat? Either way Shinsuke is keeping his championship.

John: Shinsuke  Jeremy Shinsuke

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Intercontinental Championship — Dolph Ziggler (C) vs. Seth Rollins

Ziggler has Drew by his side. Rollins has buff Dean Ambrose in his corner. I think Dean plays a role in helping Rollins reclaim the IC title. No heel turn from The Lunatic at this show.

John: Ziggler  Jeremy: Ziggler

The Miz vs Daniel Bryan

One interesting note. According to 5Dimes via Oddsshark, Miz is actually the betting favorite at -175. Again, DO NOT BET ON SCRIPTED ENTERTAINMENT!! But still. Interesting for sure.

I am curious as to where this match is placed on the card. Jeremy seems to think it might open the show. In fact, the match placement actually affects his pick. Jeremy’s thinking is if this match is the opener then Bryan wins to start the crowd happy. Otherwise, he thinks Miz gets the win.

I don’t think it’s that complicated. Daniel Bryan needs to win if his return is going to mean anything. Since being cleared to wrestle, Bryan’s comeback story has involved the following people:

Sami Zayn. Shane O’Mac. Kevin Owens. Big Cass. Kane. Bludgeon Brothers.

Bryan beats Miz to elevate back into championship contention.

John: Miz  Jeremy: Miz unless the match is the main show opener. If this match opens the main show he picks Bryan.

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SmackDown Women’s Championship – Carmella (C) vs. Becky Lynch vs. Charlotte

Good buildup for this one. We thought Becky would get her SummerSlam moment. Enter Charlotte. The besties known as Tea-X now have to compete against each other for the same goal. Meanwhile, Carmella is being a diva champion and I’m totally fine with it. The story is Lynch and Flair. The champion remains Carmella.

John: Charlotte  Jeremy: Becky

Raw Women’s Championship – Alexa Bliss (C) vs. Ronda Rousey

I have overthought and mentally overbooked this match more than any other on this card. In my mind, Ronda looks strong but Bliss finds a way to keep her title.

But then I think… Ronda is a star. WWE didn’t bring her into the mix to lose. It’s the second biggest show of the year. This is easy. Ronda wins and leaves as the champion. That’s what I’m finally deciding.

John: Bliss  Jeremy: Rousey

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WWE Championship – AJ Styles (C) vs Samoa Joe

You ever get in an argument and you know you’re wrong but you keep going anyways? I know Joe isn’t going to win. He hasn’t won any title since joining the main roster. I don’t care. I’m still picking Joe. AJ has enjoyed a great run as the real champion of the promotion. I’m going with history. Once a record gets set, the record setter doesn’t extend that record very long after. New Day’s tag team record and John Cena’s 16th come to mind. Styles just became the longest reigning Smackdown World Champion of all-time. So he’s gotta lose.

John: Styles  Jeremy: Styles

Universal Championship – Brock Lesnar (C) vs Roman Reigns

I’ve covered this numerous times. My Brock Lesnar Scenarios article. My SummerSlam Thoughts After Raw article. And my SummerSlam Fantasy Booking article. Go check those out. This is the time. Roman wins. Roman is the Universal Champion.

John: Lesnar  Jeremy: Lesnar

Does Braun Strowman Cash In The Briefcase? NO

I hope not. I think it’s likely. But I say no. Braun needs to call his shot. No cheap cash in. Just say I’m coming for you sucka!

John: Yes  Jeremy: No

I hope of all you enjoy SummerSlam. Check out the post show tomorrow. Links and info will be sent out on Twitter. Find the site @TheFiveStarShow or me @5StarShowtime

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