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Undertaker vs Triple H Australia Video Package

Finn Balor vs Baron Corbin

  • I’m taking a break. I gotta use the bathroom and smoke a cigarette.
  • Wait??? Are we getting The Demon!!!!!!
  • The Demon is here!!!!!!
  • Demon kicks ass. Squashes Corbin in a couple minutes.

Backstage with Brie Bella and Daniel Bryan

  • Bryan is pissed that he lost. Bryan is going to punch some walls.

United States Championship Jeff Hardy vs Shinsuke Nakamura

  • Let the mind games begin. Crowd sings Shinsuke’s music
  • Exchanging taunts. Delete chants.
  • Jeff Hardy with early offense. Now Shinsuke in control.
  • Hardy regains control. Whisper in the Wind. 2 Count
  • Now Nakamura back in control. Knee to Hardy on the ropes. 2 count follows.
  • Kinshasa blocked. Twist of Fate blocked. Low Blow attempt blocked. Twist of Fate!
  • Hardy hits the Swanton! 1. 2. Nakamura grabs the bottom rope.
  • Hard Twist of Fate this time. Shirt comes off. Hardy goes for Swanton.
  • Shinsuke moves to apron. Hardy moves to the post. Swanton on the apron?!
  • Shinsuke moves. Hardy hits hard on the apron. Back in the ring.
  • Kinshasa to Hardy. Shinsuke wins.
  • Shinsuke retains the United States Championship
  • Crowd starting to tire. Pop wasn’t that big for the Swanton or Kinshasa
  • Randy Orton Music hits!
  • Randy walks toward ring. Walks back to the back. Just a threat.

Ronda Rousey vs Alexa Bliss for the Raw Women’s Championship

  • Natalya comes out in her father’s jacket to a great response
  • Bliss next out.
  • Alexa tells the Bellas to get lost.
  • Rousey looking like a mean bitch!
  • Bliss hiding from Rousey. Rousey hits Bliss. Bliss rolls out of the ring.
  • Rousey begging for Bliss to get in the ring.
  • Rousey sitting meditating with her eyes closed.
  • Bliss enters and gets a chokehold.
  • Rousey stands up and gets the Rousey slam
  • Bliss rolls out of the ring. Rousey chases. Bliss hits Ronda with a knee.
  • Ronda slams Bliss. Punches, Judo throw. Rag doll. Another Rousey slam.
  • Rousey killing Bliss’ arm torturing her going for the elbow spot. Then locks in the armbar. Bliss Taps!
  • Ronda Rousey is the NEW Raw Women’s Champion
  • Nattie and Rousey celebrate and hug.
  • The Bellas come into the ring to celebrate.
  • Rousey runs to Travis Browne to celebrate. Extended celebration.

Universal Championship Brock Lesnar vs Roman Reigns

  • Great big dog digital graphic for Roman Reigns
  • Solid cheers for Roman
  • My name is Paul Heyman…
  • defending defending defending defending… to let the crowd know Brock is actually defending his title
  • Not a great applause for Brock
  • Braun grabs the mic
  • Braun calling his shot! Hell yeah!
  • Braun is gonna watch the match then cash-in
  • Roman with 3 punches! 3 Spears! Lesnar with a chokehold!!!
  • Guillotine! Roman lifts Brock! Spinebuster. Wow what a start!!!
  • Guillotine again from Lesnar! Roman lifts Brock again! Slam again!
  • The gloves come off for Brock
  • Suplex City Bitch!
  • You both suck chant!
  • Brock sidesteps Roman. Roman dives on to Strowman on the outside
  • Brock F5’s Braun on the outside!
  • Brock puts Roman in the ring
  • Brock beats Braun with the briefcase then slings it!
  • Brock hits Braun with a chair several times
  • Lesnar in the ring. Reigns spears Brock! 1 2 3. Roman wins!
  • Roman is Universal Champion!
  • Braun doesn’t cash in!
  • Show goes off the air!

Join us on YouTube find The Five Star Show and watch the post fight show! About 15 minutes after the show ends.