The Road to Summerslam is in full effect. We know the World title matches. Some feuds are clearly being set. The Biggest Show of The Summer is shaping up. Also, if you haven’t heard, there’s an all women’s PPV coming in October! Let’s look at some good and bad from the week that was WWE.


I understand the trend that got us to this point. Women have gone from Bra and Panties matches to Hell in a Cell. But honestly, as a fan of WWE, I’m not interested in this PPV. I was really hoping for a Women’s Tag Team division or a secondary title. WWE doesn’t usually do a good job of setting up non-title women’s feuds. So a second title could’ve helped the rest of this talented roster. Plus, every promo male and female has started off by putting Evolution over. I’m already over it.


Kevin Owens selling his injuries from his fall off the cage two weeks ago is tremendous. If Braun Strowman were to throw you off a cage through a table, you might still be sore a week or two later. Most performers now taking a beating or a bad bump and by the time you see them next week, it’s all good. Good on you Kevin Owens for bringing some reality to wrestling again. If you want to see the opposite of this, go watch Giant fall off a building back in WCW.


So last week I basically declared DB useless and irrelevant. Well turns out that was an overstatement. Looks like fans will get Miz vs. Daniel Bryan at Summerslam. That’s a good thing. Assuming Bryan wins, I’d imagine he’d be in the World title picture shortly after. DB is still portrayed as a bumbling idiot on the wrong end of beatdowns. Although, me and GF trying to figure out if Miz was holding a real baby did make for good entertainment. Hopefully Daniel will snap and beat the hell out of Miz at Barclays.


Over on Raw, a set of triple-threat matches helped determine Brock Lesnar’s next opponent for the Universal Championship. Yes the outcome was predictable. But at least there was wrestling involved. Meanwhile on Smackdown, GM Paige just picked a challenger for the WWE Championship. The set up was cool with Joe attacking Styles then signing the dotted line. But still. Can’t give us Joe vs Rusev vs Almas with the winner facing The Phenomenal One? At least AJ Styles vs Samoa Joe for the WWE Championship is a marquee match. Oh wait…


Wrestling Inc has the official poster for Summerslam 2018. It’s Brock and Roman. It’s Alexa and Ronda. That’s it. Apparently the entire Smackdown roster and the rest of the Raw roster do not matter! Can somebody please explain to me why the WWE Championship doesn’t matter anymore? The title is on one of the best performers in the world. It’s the title with the most prestige in company history. Every wrestler should want to be WWE Champion. These days, not only can the real belt not headline a show… It can’t make the poster! Drives me insane.


It’s Roman vs Brock. We knew this was coming. I did actually like the build to this. Create some doubt with Reigns losing at Extreme Rules. Have triple-threat matches where someone could lose and screw up Roman’s quest. It’s okay if we know the ending, as long as the story was good. Don’t believe me? You ever watch Titanic? Still a top 5 grossing movie of all time. Anyways, we got to the inevitable match. Is the result inevitable? That I don’t know. Something still tells me Brock could be (and should be!) champ going in to his UFC match.


I’m a Roman hater. Not to the extreme my friend Jeremy is. I got a Coke out of the vending machine. It’s a share with a friend label. Share a Coke with Roman. I laughed. Showed Jeremy. Jeremy threw it away and bought me another one. But man Roman on the mic is getting better. He has this “I don’t give a fuck if you like me” approach. He’s like “y’all mother fuckers better learn to like it because I ain’t going nowhere” and I am learning to like it. He still needs more moves to his arsenal. It’s not 1997 where a Rock Bottom and The People’s Elbow will do. But he is adding more to his character. I kinda dig it.


Love Becky tapping Carmella. Love the MITB on the line match with Braun and KO. Hate a rematch for the IC. Like Randy Orton seeming to give a shit. Love Andrade Cien Almas and the way he’s being booked. Hate the tease of Rusev Day ending. Like the tag-team tournament on Smackdown.

Cover Photo via Google/WWE