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Sasha Banks Throws a Fit?

The Story

Sasha Banks apparently felt “blindsided” by the decision to put the Women’s Tag Team Titles on the Iiconics at Wrestlemania. Banks was under the impression that her and Bayley would be given a lengthy title reign. The idea being, have Bayley and Sasha establish these new titles as serious and credible.

Ryan Satin from Pro Wrestling Sheet has more.

“Heard from a few sources now saying Sasha Banks and Bayley were laying on the floor of the locker room on Sunday, and back at the hotel in front of one of their rooms, loudly making it known they were unhappy about losing the tag titles,” Satin wrote on Twitter.

The titles have only been around for four months or so. Bayley and Sasha were at the front of the line asking for a tag team championship for the women. Now, Sasha apparently has tried to quit WWE. She pulled out of an appearance on The Wendy Williams Show. She posted a cryptic message on social media. “The Boss” has been given time by WWE officials to mull her future plans before making what could be a rash decision.

My Thoughts

We probably don’t have the whole story. We can probably assume that some of this is blown out of proportion. However, going with the information that we have, and assuming the information is in fact legitimate, this is ABSURD.

I’m all about people being proud of their work status. It’s important to feel like you matter at your job. But…. this is WWE! Scripted Entertainment! If Cersei Lannister doesn’t become Queen of the Throne this final season of GOT, I don’t expect Lena Dunham to throw a bitch fit about it.

Sasha, you’re a 4-time RAW Women’s Champion, an NXT Champion, and the inaugural Women’s Tag Champ. You’ve been treated just fine (publicly/character-wise…I have no idea about backstage) by the WWE. Get a grip! It’s not real! Do your job and keep it moving.

Now Hiring Writers

The Story

Road Dogg stepped down as co-lead writer of Smackdown Live after he reportedly reached a “breaking point” after this past Tuesday’s edition of the show. The Hall of Famer, who had been writing for The Blue Brand since 2016, grew tired of Vince McMahon’s constant tweaking of the script.

Road Dogg at least stepped down, writer Robert Evans was not given such a luxury. Evans was fired DURING the Hall of Fame ceremony. Evans had a hand in writing Bret Hart’s speech. In the speech, Vince McMahon was praised by Hart. Praising Vince is apparently a NO-NO via PWInsider. McMahon hates being praised so much that praising him has become a running joke. DX praised Vince as a rib later in the ceremony. Hart’s praise of Vince cost Evans his job.

My Thoughts

Road Dogg! Oh you didn’t know (!) by now that Vince McMahon is constantly going to tweak and adjust the script. All the way until the last minute. WWE is Vince’s company ya know! Whether McMahon is 33, 53, or 73 years of age, he will always micro-manage his shows. Has Road Dogg never listened to Russo or Prichard’s podcast? The Dogg probably knew this from the jump. He just dealt with it and thought he could change it until he finally had enough.

As for Mr. Evans, I don’t know much about this guy. Apparently he’s well-liked, young, and a former wrestler. But he got his ass fired mid-show. What a hell of a night for Bret Hart. He is being inducted as a member of the Hart Foundation, as basically the only living member. Then Hart gets tackled on stage mid speech by some idiot fan. Then, after the tackle situation gets calmed down, “The Hitman” finishes his speech that ends up getting the writer of said speech canned. Damn.

Hart praises Vince, writer gets fired. DX praises Vince, it’s ha ha rib funny time. Family matters.


The Story

Big E has a torn meniscus. Nia Jax needs surgery to repair BOTH ACL’s. Ronda Rousey broke her hand. Daniel Bryan might be injured.

My Thoughts

Obviously, no one wants to see someone get injured. And I hate to rate people’s injuries. But really, of all the injuries listed above, Big E’s is the one that comes at the worst time. New Day has been an integral part of Kofi Kingston’s path to the world title. To have the best talker of the group injured now is certainly disappointing.

Nia could use the time off. Come back next year as a dominant singles force. Her tag team with Tamina hasn’t really done much for me. We don’t know the extent of Bryan’s injury just yet. If serious, obviously this is a major blow.  However, it would allow for new challengers to step up to Kofi Kingston. Ronda is on hiatus anyways so her injury doesn’t affect short term booking.