Instead of watching what so far seems to be a skipable RAW, me and my buddy Jeremy came up with an awesome idea. Now before you throw WWE Immortals in my face, I don’t play cell phone games. In fact, I have sold an XBOX 360 and an XBOX ONE S basically brand new because I didn’t play video games. I have a PS4 Gold sitting collecting dust. I play my Nintendo 64 Special Purple Edition more than any system.

I don’t want to do tutorials. I don’t wanna watch other people play video games. I don’t want to buy a new game and wait an hour for it to update and install. I want to mash buttons and kick ass. WWF No Mercy and Mortal Kombat Trilogy for N64 > Fortnite or Call of Duty all day.

This tweet from @KayfabeNews inspired a discussion of having Brock as a Mortal Kombat Boss.

This discussion led to possible ladders of opponents and how the game would work. Jeremy and I had an amazing textual hypothetical conversation.

—Roman is at the top of the ladder because WWE—

For the purpose of this article, I’m assuming you, the reader, have played Mortal Kombat at least once. If not, I’m sorry for you. I would totally buy a WWE game that had a MK mode. Let’s face it. WWE games look amazing. But for the player like me, the games suck. If I made this WWE 2KWhatever MK mode, here’s how I’d do it.

I’d have a heel/monster ladder. The player picks out of a pool of baby faces to climb the heel/monster ladder. Then have a Face ladder with the player selecting out of a pool of heels.

Could you imagine selecting say AJ Styles or Daniel Bryan and you have to climb a MK ladder to become champion? That heel/monster ladder has Jinder Mahal, Samoa Joe, Braun Strowman, Brock Lesnar, etc. Or how about selecting Braun Strowman and climbing a ladder of AJ, Roman Reigns, John Cena, and more!

Maybe before you climb the ladder of Superstars, you have to win a Money in the Bank briefcase first. That way if you lose to say Brock, you could use your briefcase to get a second attempt at championship glory. But if you lose that opportunity you have to go back to the bottom rung.

Then there could be a special edition ladder of NWO or DX members. Hogan and Shawn Michaels as the Bosses. Maybe a Stone Cold edition where the top two on the ladder are Rock and Vince!

The matches could take place in the ring or in a MK setting. Undertaker could be the mystery character. Ellsworth could be the Toasty guy! This could be amazing!

Would you be more likely to purchase a WWE2K game if there was a Kombat ladder option? How would your version of the ladder look? Let us know in the comments or find me @5StarShowtime or the site @TheFiveStarShow on Twitter.

Ladder photo via MobyGames… I wish I could Photoshop WWE Superstars on the ladder but I’m not good at Photoshop.

Cover Photo via Mortal Kombat Wikia

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