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Dean Ambrose interrupted the already interrupted Moment of Bliss to talk shit to Nia Jax and EC3. Dean is on fire on the mic right now. Of course he’d be on top of his game right as he’s rumored to be leaving the company. Maybe he’ll be enhancement talent for guys like EC3 on the way out the door. Wins and losses, while they matter to me, don’t really matter in the wrestling world. Dean can eat some L’s as long as his promo game is strong before he departs. I still don’t understand why EC3 doesn’t speak anything other than, well, E C 3. Also, the announce team kept saying “this young man” when referring to EC3…. he’s 35.


Charlotte wants to take Becky’s spot at Mania. Becky enters Shield style. Funny how someone that’s suspended can have the spotlight find them and have a microphone in hand. HHH comes out to make this big happening feel bigger. HHH told Charlotte to kick rocks. Becky asks Hunter about Stephanie’s well-being. HHH says Becky is not The Man. HHH calls it crap. HHH calls Becky reckless and said she’s looking for a way out. Just like when she got bloodied at RAW before Survivor Series. HHH says Becky is scared and afraid. Hunter questions the legitimacy of Becky’s injury. Ronda will expose Becky as the fraud she is. Becky fears Ronda. Becky smacks The Game. Crowd begs “one more time” but there’s a staredown until Lynch leaves through the crowd.

The bottom line is WWE is riding this Becky Lynch wave as much as it can. For Becky to start RAW and Smackdown is amazing. Not any champion. Becky. I like the authority questioning Becky. Wasn’t so sure last night. But this is Daniel Bryan 2.0 it would seem. I’ll take it. Becky has been my favorite female superstar since Wrestlemania Dallas. That’s when I re started getting into wrestling after an extended break. I couldn’t be happier for her push.


Hated the commercial break mid match but otherwise I was entertained. Randy did his usual Randy stuff. Ali got his ass kicked for most of the match. Told the story of the veteran being wise and the young man pulling out all the stops. Mustafa got a swollen eye for his trouble. Ali went for the 054 finisher but was countered into the RKO for a 1,2,3. Orton went to pose but out of nowhere came Samoa Joe. Joe locked in the clutch on Randy and stood tall afterwards.

This was good shit man. The Elimination Chamber WWE Championship match has serious intrigue. In my opinion, as of this writing, I’d still put my money on Ali to face Bryan at Wrestlemania. If nothing else by process of elimination. AJ and Joe have had too many title matches over the last year. Randy is stuck at 13 world championships and is really only needed as champion when there are no better options. I’d love to see Jeff Hardy get one more Wrestlemania moment before retiring. But I feel like WWE will choose to push the future. New year new goals new blood. Ali is my pick to win the Chamber.



The show started with Stephanie McMahon in the ring. Steph went to introduce Becky Lynch but Becky’s music interrupted. Becky needs no introduction. Stephanie wants Becky to slap the head off of Rousey. The still photos of Rumble show Becky holding her right knee. Then her left knee. It’s the left knee that’s supposed to be injured. Stephanie insisted on Becky seeing a doctor. Stephanie won’t let Becky compete unless Becky is cleared by doctors. Becky starts to cut a promo about struggling on Stephanie. Lynch called Steph a daddy’s girl. Stephanie makes it clear that Becky MUST see the doctor. Steph cares about Becky and wants this match to happen. Steph will suspend Becky if she doesn’t see a doctor. Becky refuses. Becky gets suspended. Becky attacks Stephanie. She gets a few licks in but her injured leg prevents her from causing more damage to McMahon. After commercial, Becky is seen being escorted out the door. She runs into Rousey. Rousey got some barbs in. Becky didn’t respond.

I liked the feel of Austin vs Vince in the form of Becky vs Steph. I hate that Becky is “suspended.” Becky has to be healthy NOW when Wrestlemania is NINE WEEKS AWAY? Seth Rollins is injured now. Is his Mania match with Lesnar going to be cancelled too? Also…. let’s not forget… Becky is the hottest thing going! Why suspend her? I understand that’s using logic in WWE, which is not wise. I guess this formula worked for Austin vs McMahon. Austin got fired or suspended every other week but always came back to raise hell. We will see where it goes from here. Part love part hate equals a like for me.


Smackdown took place in Washington State tonight. Home of Daniel Bryan. Heel Bryan has made his name thus far eviscerating the crowd. Not tonight. The crowd loved Bryan and Bryan loved the crowd. I totally understand this. Part of me wishes Bryan would shit on his people to really turn up the heat. But I can’t lie. If I was the champ and was in Nashville I’d milk the love for all it’s worth, regardless of my heel/face status. There was one part I hated, but that’s not Bryan’s fault. Bryan got Orton and Styles boo’d which is an accomplishment. Hardy and Joe still got cheered. Overall, it was cool to see Bryan get some love again, while still being a heel.



Ronda squashed Liv Morgan. Ronda then got pissed. Grabbed a mic. Said some stuff about “y’all sit up there and boo me” and she challenged Sarah Logan. Logan got in some offense. She ultimately got the armbar as well. Ruby Riott thought about challenging Ronda before backing down. Backstage, Ruby was asked why she ran away. Ruby says she didn’t run and she will get Ronda at some point. Liv and Sarah need her right now, she said.

This backstage interview was too obvious. Seems like a Riott Squad breakup is coming soon. Maybe at Chamber when Sarah and Liv compete for the new tag titles. But why bury an entire squad here? Liv got squashed. She’s criminally underappreciated. Sarah looked competent for a second before she was killed. And Ruby just bitched out. Super lame.


JJ is a heel by nature. The crowd wants to love Elias. Elias disses the crowd. Then the crowd chants “Walk With Elias” loud as can be. The crowd liked JJ because he’s a legend until they remembered JJ is JJ. Everyone likes Road Dogg. Strange. The camera cut to the crowd twice during the promo segment. Once to a guy staring at his phone. The second cut was to a section of the crowd that looked asleep. Elias picked up the win, thank god. Road Dogg led a post match attack. Not sure who fucked up but each man had a guitar. I assume one guitar was legit while the other was gimmicked. JJ hit Elias with either the legit guitar or the gimmicked guitar didn’t break. Ouch. No usual guitar explosion. Just a thud to Elias’ back. I hate this because I want Elias in the IC scene. Not the bring back an old guy scene.


Speaking of the IC scene, Finn Balor is in the mix for RAW’s secondary title for sure. But he had to struggle against Lio Rush first. Sure, Bobby Lashley gave Balor a pre-match beat down. But still. Balor beat John Cena, Drew McIntyre, and Baron Corbin to earn an opportunity against Brock Lesnar. Balor almost beat Lesnar for the Universal Championship just EIGHT DAYS AGO. Now Finn has to struggle to beat Lio Rush. Rush, while athletic as hell, looks like a buff child. Also, the camera guy missed Lio’s cool move.


I have to leave some space for Smackdown but most of RAW was confusing and sucky. Too many tag matches. A near retirement turned beat down on a legend. Beat down turned Braun Must Destroy. This show seemed long and I was on DVR.


During Bryan’s promo that I liked, Rowan grabbed the mic. This is something that should never happen. Bryan’s home crowd gave Rowan the “What?” treatment, to which Bryan scolded them. Rowan should be what he is. A big country ass whoopin’ bad ass.