Ladies and Gentleman, Love is in the air! I loved most of RAW and Smackdown Live. This is how Monday and Tuesday nights are supposed to be! Good job WWE! I will try to hit the highlights the best I can.

Remember, I type these thoughts as they happen.



Roman thanked the crowd. He announced he is in remission. The Big Dog is back.

This is oversimplifying the moment. I’m just going to let Reigns tell it.

To the people upset about this being used for ratings. To the people asking is this is a work. FUCK YOU. I’m so glad Reigns is back.


Becky Lynch found her way into State Farm Arena during a tag match involving Ronda Rousey. Natalya tried to stop The Man. She received a cane shot for her troubles. Ronda and Becky fought outside the ring. Security, then the police, separated the two women. Becky, as she’s getting arrested, yells to the police to be easy on her hands. She’s has a title to hold at Wrestlemania.

Once Becky was hauled away, Ronda grabbed the mic and asked for Vince McMahon. Rousey received a McMahon, but it was Stephanie that marched to the ring. The RAW Women’s Champion wants The Man reinstated. That isn’t happening because The Man is heading to jail. Rousey says a Champion is supposed to fight the best. If she can’t fight the best, then she doesn’t want the title. Rousey lays the belt in front of Stephanie McMahon and walks away.

What a segment! We got Becky raising hell. Ronda begging for a fight. Did Ronda vacate the championship? I doubt it. But symbolically she basically did. This segment had everything to hype Ronda vs Becky. Only… isn’t Charlotte in this match? Stephanie verified to Ronda that this match will be Charlotte vs Ronda.

Ronda on the mic is better, even if it’s worse. She doesn’t sound as forced or scripted, even if she stumbles and rushes through her words. She sounds like a real person. Good for Ronda and WWE to realize that forcing lines wasn’t working. Charlotte not being here made the focus back on who we really wanted in this match. Even if Becky is still suspended and not technically in the Wrestlemania main event. She will be. This was awesome.


Contract signings are so played out. But this one is going to be awesome. Stephanie points out that Daniel Bryan is sitting in a leather chair. Kofi gets a hype video of his highlights. Kofi is introduced. Kofi-Mania is running wild. Kingston cuts a promo thanking the New Day and the fans before declaring he will beat Bryan at Fastlane. Daniel signs his contract. Kofi goes to sign his name when out comes Vince McMahon!

Vince tells Kofi how much he appreciates everything Kofi has done. HOWEVER, Vince says it’s his responsibility to give the fans the best possible matches. He says someone is more deserving and qualified. It’s Kevin Owens! KO will replace Kofi at Fastlane!

This is awesome in all ways. KO was rumored to wrestle Bryan at Mania. Now this HOPEFULLY means Kofi will wait and get his moment at Wrestlemania. The New Day sold this as an outrage. Stephanie and Shane were in shock. KO vs Bryan at Fastlane will be good for Fastlane. Kofi vs Bryan at Mania will be amazing.


North Carolina is the home of the Hardy Boyz. Just so happens Smackdown Live is in Charlotte! The Bar are already in the ring awaiting an opponent when we come back from commercial. Then the familiar music hits. It’s the Hardy Boyz! Too much of this match took place during commercial in my opinion. It wasn’t a squash, which is good considering the opponent is The Bar. Both teams got in their “vintage” offense. Jeff hit the Swanton at the end for the victory.

I thought Matt Hardy was retired? He looks great! In shape and slightly less weird. There was a little “woken” in Matt. But mostly “2 Xtreme.” I’m not sure if this is a one off or something more on the road to Wrestlemania. Either way, I’m a Hardy Boyz mark so I’m pretty excited.


R-Truth is gold. He wants to make his idol John Cena proud. Truth is older than Cena. Truth issues an open challenge. Andrade accepts but then is attacked by Rey Mysterio. Truth asks what would Cena do. Carmella says fight em both. Truth agrees, eventually.

What a match! All 3 of these guys can go! Andrade was about an inch away from breaking his neck. Rey hit the 619 on Andrade but was then rolled up by Truth. Truth retained. Man this was an exciting match.



Ric Flair has his 70th birthday party celebration on Monday night in Atlanta. Isn’t Smackdown in Charlotte tomorrow? Anyways, all the Superstars are here to close out RAW. Hall of Famers are here. HBK, Sting, Angle, and more. HHH is in the ring to welcome Ric Flair! The music hits. There’s a delay. Camera cuts backstage. Someone has a cameraman hostage. It’s BATISTA! Batista attacks Flair and asks Hunter if he’s got his attention. HHH runs backstage to tend to Flair. The show goes off the air.

I thought Batista would be the good guy in this feud if it happened? Attacking Ric Flair is not a babyface move. And didn’t Batista express his love for Flair at Smackdown 1000? These plot holes are the reason this is a LIKED IT instead of a LOVED IT for me. Otherwise, this was awesome. The long camera shot was great. Batista being back is great. HHH being healthy enough to wrestle at Mania after injuring himself in Saudi Arabia is great. The match itself will probably be slow and plodding. But the hype and entrances will be off the chain.



Let’s put the belts on The Revival! Awesome! Then let’s make them lose to NXT Superstars. What? This is absurd. I don’t get it. They aren’t even losing to legit tag teams?! DIY was a great tag team, but Gargano and Ciampa have been fighting each other for over a year. Then Ricochet and Black? These are singles Superstars being paired to quickly show what they can do. I get that. But they shouldn’t be beating the main roster Champions.