Last week’s WWE Love Like Hate article did well enough to make me do a round two this week. Maybe this will be my weekly recap of RAW and Smackdown Live going forward on this site. Let’s find out what I LLH from WWE this week. But first, a few reminders for upcoming content!

This week is birthday week for The Five Star Show! Our 1 year of existence is WWE Royal Rumble Sunday. I hope to give you a big week of content. Keep in mind it’s just me that runs, writes, pods, videos, and socials EVERYTHING for this site. Plus I have a real job and a family. But I’m going to do my best to celebrate this major accomplishment in my life. Expect these things this week:

Tuesday: The Podcast! It’s The Five Star Show. This week is NFL controversy, WWE thoughts, the NBA and NHL minute, and much more.

Wednesday: WWE LLH on the site.

Thursday: #WGG The Weekend Gambling Guide on the site.

Friday: #WGG Video Edition on YouTube. WWE Royal Rumble Predictions on the site.

Saturday: Nothing. I’m taking my kid to Paw Patrol Live then going to work 4-midnight. Sorry NXT.

Sunday: WWE Royal Rumble Pre Show with Predictions and WWE Royal Rumble Post Show on Social and YouTube.

Thanks for your support! Without you, I wouldn’t have made it a year. Thank you.


BROCK STANDS TALL: So does that mean he’s losing on Sunday? Usually the person that kicks ass on Monday or Tuesday will lose at the PPV. But this Monday, Brock kicked ass during Braun Strowman and Finn Balor’s match. Balor and Braun were wasted while Brock stood tall. So does that mean Finn can win? I’m not sure. Vince has been obviously telling us Finn has no chance (in hell!) almost too obvious. The way this is being built makes me legit wonder the outcome of Sunday’s match. Until I snap into reality. Brock vs a NOT DEMON Balor means Brock wins! You almost got me WWE!

SMACKDOWN OPENS WITH BECKY, ASUKA, AND CHARLOTTE: Start the show with your hottest act going. Becky and Asuka aren’t the best on the mic, that’s an understatement. Each woman has good reason to think she will be Champion come Sunday. Charlotte butting in would normally annoy me. But it makes sense here. We have to believe Charlotte will have a major match at Mania. Royal Rumble kicks off the road to Mania. So she has to be in the mix.

ANDRADE VS REY THE MATCH: I love the match. These two are so damn good on their own against other opponents. When they face each other it’s even more magic. This match had everything to keep my interest…. and then Samoa Joe showed up.. scroll to the hated it section.


WWE CHAMPIONSHIP HYPE: I get killed for saying this every time but I must repeat it for any new audience. I like The New Daniel Bryan. I do. I just don’t like him as WWE Champion. A Champion should look like a Champion. If I showed the roster to someone that had never seen WWE and asked that person to name the Champion, would that person pick Daniel Bryan? No! Because he looks like a hobo.

That said… Bryan’s promos are something different. I like different. Mr. McMahon being involved to host a face-to-face was supposed to make this seem like Sunday’s match is a big deal. Truth be told, it’s really not that big at all. No way DB gives the belt back to AJ this early. It’ll be a good to great match I’m sure. But important? Nah.

RANDY ORTON RKO’S JOE: I’m an Orton mark. Sorry. But if you jump down to the hated it section, you’ll see I’m officially over Samoa Joe. Joe ruined the finish of Rey vs Andrade. Joe said he’s going to win The Royal Rumble just like everybody else (see: hated it) So Joe got what he deserved. Thanks Randy. RKO outta nowhere.

SASHA LOCKS IN THE BANK STATEMENT ON RONDA: Briefly at least. I still think Ronda should be a bad ass that kicks ass then leaves. But it’s too late for that now. Ronda isn’t the special UFC turned WWE star anymore. She’s just a WWE Superstar like all the rest. So if that’s the case then there needs to be challenges along the way, Sasha is a former multiple time Women’s Champion. She should give Ronda problems. Good for Sasha to show she has a chance. But Ronda isn’t losing on Sunday.

DREW MCINTYRE VS SETH ROLLINS: For match quality this should be a love. But something about two guys with greasy hair that look just alike going against each other doesn’t appeal to me. Both of these guys will be in the Main Event scene in 2019. Both guys can go in the ring against anybody. But I don’t want these two going against each other for a while. Separate them and then have them build to each other. Maybe I’ll love that.


SAMOA JOE RUINS EVERYTHING: I used to love Samoa Joe. But he doesn’t win anything! I know Wins and Losses aren’t supposed to matter these days. Fuck that. If you want to tell everybody how bad ass you are. If you want to attack people. You might want to win something! Tag Champ? Nope. US Champ? Nope. WWE Champ? Nope multiple times. Samoa Joe is one more L from becoming Samoa Wyatt in my book.

I’M GOING TO WIN THE THE ROYAL RUMBLE: I wish I could list every person that has said they will win the Rumble on Sunday. It was bad enough when it was just the Men. Now we got 30 Women making the same claim. Maybe there is statistical evidence to prove this. I’d look but I don’t do adderall anymore. But in my head, if someone claims they will win the Rumble, that person will 100% NOT WIN THE RUMBLE. Can’t wait to move on to Sign Pointing Season… ugh.