THE OPEN OF RAW: While normally I’m not a fan of the 20 minute talking segment to open RAW, this time it was appropriate. Seth seemed legit emotional about pointing at the sign. HHH came out and was emotional too. HHH and Seth have a respect for each other despite an up and down past. Seth had to decide by the end of the show which Champion he would face at WrestleMania. With Brock and Daniel in attendance. Seth must choose. Dean Ambrose coming out extended the segment a little too long for my liking. But Dean did add some intrigue and insults to the segment that’s for sure…. (UPDATE: So much for Dean..)

RONDA IS MAAADDD: Ronda Rousey was legit flustered. Ronda came out with her boring “dreams” promo and promptly got shit on by the Phoenix crowd. Chants of Becky. Ronda got irritated. Ronda stuttered and acknowledged it. It was unreal. And it was awesome. Bayley had to answer the open challenge from Ronda before Ronda could even issue the open challenge haha. Goes to show that Ronda should be a bad ass and that’s it. I’m right and WWE is wrong.

THE MAN ON RAW: Becky hobbled to the ring after Bayley vs Ronda, selling the injury from Royal Rumble. Becky challenged Ronda for Wrestlemania. Ronda did recover on the mic nicely with some verbal jabs. But it was the damage was already done. This moment was all Becky Lynch. I can’t believe how much Ronda gets booed. On her show! Last year at this time, Ronda was the brand new hottest thing going. One year later and she’s getting crushed by the crowd. Even i’m like damn man. Cut her some slack. It’s not her fault. Sheesh.

THE ECO BELT: Look, I have my “hot take” on Daniel Bryan as WWE Champion. To sum it up, he wouldn’t be Champ if I were in charge. But I run a website and I’m not Vince McMahon. Bryan is the Champ. And in this role he is doing some pretty unique shit. Introducing the Eco Belt. I can’t lie. This belt is fucking awesome. I’m hoping WWE Shop doesn’t sell one because if they do, I might buy it. Daniel wouldn’t allow the machine to profit off his beliefs, would he? Hope not for my wallet’s sake. Kudos to DB and WWE for going All In on The New Daniel Bryan.


BECKY STARTS SMACKDOWN: Good opening promo. Charlotte came out with the interruption. I wish Wrestlemania would just be Becky vs Ronda. Doesn’t seem like that will be the case. Charlotte won’t make the match worse. She’ll probably make it better in all honesty. But this feud needs to be a 1-on-1. Charlotte could always get a SummerSlam match with the winner. Becky drove away later in the show after refusing “medical attention.” Is a Becky “injury” the right time for The Queen to slide in the mix?

RED WHITE AND TRUTH: Truth defeated Shinsuke to win the US Title on what appeared to be an intentional botch. The finish made it look as though the referee messed up. Or maybe Shinsuke didn’t kick out in time? I think this was a worked botch. I’m cool with that every once in a while. Truth immediately defended his newly won title against Rusev. Rusev, of course, just lost this same title on the Rumble Kickoff Show. Remember when an “Old” Hulk Hogan got choke-slammed by Undertaker at Judgment Day 2002? Hogan was 48 at the time. Truth is 47 but looks younger than 37. I’m down with Truth as the secondary Champ. As for Rusev and Shinsuke…. Scroll to the hate.


ELIAS IS A HEEL: Elias’ brief run as a babyface is over. The crowd loves Elias. So logically he’s a heel now? That sucks. And he turned heel with Jeff Jarrett of all people. In 2019. Amazing. Loved the Road Dogg and JJ singing segment. Elias promptly popped Dogg with a guitar. Then, after some brief offense from Jarrett, Elias popped a guitar over Jeff as well. Segment was cool. The hate is that Elias is a heel.

RUSEV AND SHINSUKE: Similar to my hate for Elias as a heel, Rusev is the latest crowd favorite to turn heel. “It worked for Daniel Bryan” must be the creative thinking. Then Rusev gets stepped to by Anderson and Gallows backstage. I didn’t remember A and G were on the Blue Brand. Rusev told the Good Brothers to head back to catering. Nice. Now we got a TAG TEAM MATCH PLAYA. Shinsuke and Rusev, enemies vying over the US Title, ya know, TWO DAYS AGO, are at least temporarily a tag team. K.

MANDY AND SONYA: The promo was designed to give backstory to Mandy’s attacks on Naomi’s marriage. Naomi was mean to Mandy on Tough Enough four years ago. The segment was brutal. Took forever. On top of that, Mandy and Sonya declared for the Tag Team Elimination Chamber? The two teams that qualified from RAW to this point had to actually, wait for it, QUALIFY! Whatever.

SETH GETS F5’D… 6’D: Seth Rollins won the Rumble. Seth picked Brock Lesnar as his Champion of choice for Wrestlemania. Let’s make Seth look like a credible threat to slay the beast, right? Nope! Let’s have him eat SIX F5’s! That’s double the amount it took to end Undertaker’s streak. So…. Seth is winning at Mania.

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