The Global Pay-Per-View Event known as WWE Crown Jewel takes place from an undisclosed location this Friday on the WWE Network! The WWE Pre Show starts at 10 AM CST. WWE Crown Jewel starts at 11 AM CST. The Five Star Show Pre Show takes place at 9:30 AM CST on YouTube, Periscope, and Instagram.

Now it’s time to make predictions! If you count my prediction of this event being moved from Saudi Arabia, I’m already down 0-1. As for the matches, let’s see if I can nail every prediction. My predictions are in BOLD.

CBS Sports helped me keep track of the card.

WWE World Cup to determine The Best in the World:

From RAW: Seth Rollins vs Bobby Lashley. Dolph Ziggler vs Kurt Angle. 

I feel like setting up Seth vs Dolph is too obvious. It’s also unnecessary as we’ve seen this matchup many times on Monday nights. So I’ll go the other way. The real question is does Dean Ambrose get involved in Rollins’ first round match? I’ll say yes. Dean costs Seth a victory. I think Kurt Angle scores the upset win over Dolph Ziggler in a better than it should be match.

This would match up Bobby Lashley vs Kurt Angle in the second round. A matchup of two real wrestlers. Angle puts up a fight. But Bobby is too strong and ultimately gets the best of Angle. Lashley is too “young” and Angle is too “old.” Despite Lashley being 42 and Angle only seven years his elder. On TV, Lashley appears younger and stronger. Lashley advances to the final representing RAW.

From Smackdown Live: Jeff Hardy vs The Miz. Rey Mysterio vs Randy Orton.

None of the Smackdown Live crew really need this. But the return of Rey Mysterio has to mean something right? Randy can always snap at the end of the match to set up a future program. But Rey gets the best of The Viper in round one. The Hardy vs Miz matchup is the hardest for me to predict. I am picking Hardy because I think Hardy vs Mysterio would be the more entertaining second round match.

In my predicted second round match, Jeff Hardy starts off strong. Rey makes a furious comeback and wins the match with a 619. Rey Mysterio is your representative for Smackdown Live.


The ultimate big vs little matchup. Rey does everything in his power to win. Almost pulls off the upset. Somehow, someway, Lashley catches Mysterio for a big slam and a World Cup victory.

My only worry in this prediction is that Smackdown Live Commissioner Shane McMahon said that if Smackdown’s representative loses the Cup, that person must leave the blue brand and head over to RAW. Not sure Smackdown wants to lose a star like Rey this early into his return. Rey has potential matchups with AJ Styles, Samoa Joe, Daniel Bryan, and more that would be highly entertaining if he remains on Smackdown. I feel Rey might get lost over on “The A Show.”

But hey it’s a prediction so I’ll stick with my pick. Lashley wins the World Cup. Here’s why:

This tournament, despite being labeled as to determine “The Best in the World”, in all (WWE) reality means nothing. I think the sole purpose of this tournament (besides making the Kingdom happy) is to get Bobby Lashley some sort of recognition. Every other superstar in the field, except Lashley, is a former World Champion. Yes, Lashley was ECW World Champion back in the day, but nobody cares about that.

Bobby Lashley, for most of his return to WWE, has been just a big dude with no personality. He has since added the always annoying Lio Rush as his mouthpiece. He’s also become a heel. Lashley was added to this tournament because John Cena has a movie career that isn’t worth the bad PR. Lashley needs this World Cup so Rush can proclaim him as “The Best in the World” repeatedly on Monday nights.

SmackDown Tag Team Championship: THE BAR (C) vs The New Day

Big Show turned for the 300th time and is now aligned with The Bar. To steal from Bruce Prichard, The New Day doesn’t need the belts. The Bar need the belts. The Bar retains.

WWE Championship: AJ Styles (C) vs SAMOA JOE

I know I’m predicting against Styles for the tenth time this year. I’ve been wrong every single time. Here’s why I’m predicting his demise again. This match was thrown together last minute when Daniel Bryan decided staying in America was a much better idea than going to Saudi Arabia. Too bad his company didn’t feel the same. Anyways, the element of surprise factors in to this prediction. Styles, despite asking for this match, didn’t have enough time to prepare for Joe. Joe wins with the Clutch. Nighty Night Styles.

Vacant Universal Championship: Brock Lesnar vs BRAUN STROWMAN

Obviously the circumstances that made this match for the vacant title totally suck. But now that we are here, we must have a match for the vacant title. Braun went down with only ONE F5 in a previous matchup between these two. Roman kicked out of five F5’s at Wrestlemania before the sixth was too much. How many can/will Braun kick out of this time? Or….does Braun squash Lesnar Goldberg style? I’d be fine with that. Jump on him quickly and powerslam his ass to death. This match doesn’t need to be long. It just needs to be dominant. Braun does the dominating this time. Braun Strowman is your NEW Universal Champion.

For The First or Last (I’m confused) Time Ever!!!!: THE BROTHERS OF DESTRUCTION vs DX

Shawn Michaels didn’t come out of retirement after eight years for a tag team match. Win or Lose there is no way HBK is done after this match. This match has to continue a storyline rather than end one. What storyline is it? I still think we get Undertaker vs Shawn at Mania in a double retirement for real match. But that’s down the line.

Triple H beat Undertaker at WWESSD in the “Last Time Ever” match to set up this “First Time Ever” tag match. The set up was actually the post match beat down from TBOD to DX afterwards. The Brothers come out on top in this tag match. The saga continues.

Hulk Hogan is part of the show now according to WrestleZone. What does this mean? Is he just here to hype the crowd? Or will he and his NWO crew get involved with the DX vs Brothers of Destruction match? SportsKeeda had an interesting hypothesis of this very thing happening. I’ll play it safe and say Hogan is just here to appear. No NWO involvement on this night.

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