It’s time for WWE Superstar Shakeup Predictions! My predictions are usually horrible. But my boss makes me do these articles anyway! Wait, I’m my boss. Whatever. I think it’s fun and I’m bound to be correct one of these days!

The WWE Superstar Shakeup takes place this Monday and Tuesday. Rumors are swirling and I love it! Will Smackdown be “stacked” with the move to FOX coming this fall? How will RAW’s main event picture change? It feels like Roman, Seth, Braun, and Finn have been on RAW FOREVER. Will AJ Styles be evicted from the house he built?

Those are just some of the intriguing questions we have heading into the WWE’s version of the NFL Draft. I’m curious to see if any big name part-timers are included. Names like Undertaker, Lesnar, and Rousey. Does Becky just get to be on both shows? Does anybody get sent to 205 or NXT? I’m so excited, can’t ya tell?

I’m not here to give a detailed breakdown as to why I believe each prediction will come true. Nor will I give a pros and cons of Superstar X moving or staying. There are plenty of available articles on the web that will suit your fancy for that. I’m not an insider. I’m a fan. You probably barely care about my predictions. I seriously doubt you want to hear my detailed reasoning for my beliefs.

This is simple. I give you a name. Does that name stay on his/her current show? Or does that name move? The result column is the Superstar’s home after the shakeup. These are the shakes I feel most confident in predicting. If I can just get half of these correct, I’ll be satisfied.



Superstar      Stay/Move      Result


Roman            Stay                  RAW

Seth                Stay                  RAW

Drew               MOVE               SDLive

Braun              Stay                  RAW

Kofi                 Stay                  SDLive

Balor              MOVE               SDLive

AJ                  MOVE                RAW

Daniel Bryan   Stay                 SDLive

Orton              Stay                  SDLive

Corbin           MOVE                SDLive

Elias               Stay                   RAW

Samoa Joe    MOVE                 RAW

Lashley          MOVE               SDLive


Becky             ???                    Both?

Charlotte       MOVE                  RAW

Asuka            Stay                   SDLive

Alexa Bliss    MOVE                SDLive


Usos             MOVE                 RAW

Revival          MOVE                SDLive

We’ll find out how my predictions turn out starting on RAW and ending on Smackdown Live this week! Follow on Social @TheFiveStarShow

Cover Photo via ProWrestling.com/Google Images