I have two friends that love wrestling as much or more than I do. These friends are also coworkers. Those two friends happen to be brothers. Both of whom have a negative outlook toward this year’s Mania. I think Mania is going to be awesome, albeit long. We have some friendly wagering going on for Wrestlemania. You can play along at home if you want.

About the brothers:

John: The older brother. The boss at job 1. Hyper. Wrestler he most resembles: Kevin Owens

Jeremy: Calm and cool. Recently lost like 80+ lbs. The better looking brother. Wrestler he most resembles: Cesaro

The Picks!

4/2/18 Monday Night Raw:

Will Undertaker appear on Raw as American Badass?

John Yes. Jeremy No. Wes Yes.


Will Carmella successfully cash in MITB (i.e. leave Mania as champion)?

All No.

Will Carmella attempt a cash in MITB at Mania period?

John Yes. Jeremy No. Wes Yes.

How many F5’s does Roman kick out of to eventually win the Universal Championship?

John 2. Jeremy 2. Wes 3.

Winner of AJ/Shinsuke?

John Shinsuke. Jeremy AJ. Wes Shinsuke.

IC winner?

John Seth Rollins. Jeremy Seth Rollins. Wes Finn Balor

US winner?

John Randy Orton. Jeremy Bobby Roode. Wes Rusev.

SD Tag winner?

John Usos. Jeremy New Day. Wes Bludgeon Brothers.

Braun’s mystery Tag partner will be?

John Kane. Jeremy John Cena. Wes Elias.

Andre the Giant Battle Royal winner?

John Dolph Ziggler. Jeremy Big Cass. Wes Curt Hawkins.

Taker/Cena winner?

John Taker. Jeremy Cena. Wes Taker.

Women’s Battle Royal Winner?

John Becky Lynch. Jeremy Tamina. Wes Becky Lynch

WWE announced attendance over or under 75,167? (WM 30 attendance at the Superdome)

All Over.


We have $20 each in on this game. Winner gets $40. 2nd gets their money back. Jeremy isn’t going to win.

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