Wrestlemania looks like it could be a 7 hour show! 7! 7 hours is plenty of time to get a good buzz on without a drinking game. However, a drinking game will make the show even more fun! Feel free to play along with us here at The Five Star Show! Now we don’t want to get trashed by hour two. So we are gonna break this down into three categories. Sip, chug, and shot. Here we go.


When AJ Styles is referred to as “Phenomenal”

When Brock Lesnar is referred to as the “Beast”

When Roman Reigns is referred to as “The Big Dog”

When Corey Graves makes fun of Byron Saxton

If the HBO Documentary on Andre The Giant is mentioned

If the crowd chants “You Deserve It”


When Michael Cole says “look at this place!”

When “Historic” or “History” is said during ANY match involving Women

When The Miz’s new child is referenced

If Elias sings at least part of a song

If the crowd chants “This is Awesome”


If a NXT wrestler wins either Battle Royal

If any of the following wrestlers return: Jeff Hardy, Big Cass, Neville, Samoa Joe, or Bobby Lashley

If UFC is mentioned

If Triple H’s entrance is NOT obnoxious/elaborate

If the crowd chants TNA or ECW

If Stone Cold Steve Austin, The Rock, or Hulk Hogan make an appearance


Enjoy getting a buzz and as always drink responsibly

Photo via popular mechanics