Give WWE some credit. I can’t recall a time in the last five years I was more excited to see Smackdown than last night. With so much happening over the last couple of days, let’s review some of the top headlines. For everything Becky Lynch, see my last two articles on the website.


Charlotte was selected to replace Becky Lynch at WWE Survivor Series, by none other than Becky herself. Charlotte vs Ronda Rousey will take place on Sunday. With no time to build it. Just five days with no WWE TV shows to hype up the matchup. This is a WrestleMania quality matchup that deserves better than this.

Ronda vs Charlotte should have had time to build. If you want a last minute throw-in to replace Lynch, use Asuka. Sure Asuka has been damaged by poor booking decisions. But Asuka not that long ago was an unstoppable force. When Becky walked by each woman on the Smackdown roster to decide her replacement, the crowd roared for Asuka. Instead it’s Charlotte. Maybe Charlotte vs Ronda will still happen at WrestleMania, but it won’t be for the first time.


We will talk about the new champ in a bit. AJ Styles deserved better than this. I’m all about a World Title change on TV. I would’ve just waited a week. Let Brock and AJ have a war at Survivor Series. End it in a DQ or something. AJ is beaten and battered. Then Bryan demands his title shot and takes advantage of a weakened Styles. At least this would’ve saved Styles jewels. Poor guy has been the recipient of nut shots since April.

What happens to AJ from here? Does he take a break from the roster? He didn’t compete at MMC after Smackdown, he was replaced by Jeff Hardy. It doesn’t appear Styles is on the Survivor Series card at all? Does he jump over to Monday Night Raw somehow? Too many unanswered questions. Too abrupt of an end. AJ deserved better.


This is a good thing. A little surprising considering the bizarre booking of which Bryan has been victim. Up and down. Wins and losses. I guess in storyline Bryan finally snapped. He’s tired of the nonsense. He wanted this title and would do everything to get it. The Championship needed a fresh change. AJ has been a wonderful Champ, but with a new Champ comes new stories. That’s a good thing for the WWE Championship.

Daniel needed this character change. He’s been a good happy guy for too long. He is popular with the fans but his act had grown stale. Is Daniel the next Becky Lynch? Becky was supposed to be bad but the crowd loves her. Daniel is supposed to be bad but the crowd loves him? Only time will tell.


The timing of this does kinda suck. It seems like making a Bryan vs Brock dream match was a make up for having to cancel Becky vs Ronda. Daniel has said he’s always wanted a match with The Beast. Not sure his brain damage agrees. I’m all for it. Daniel knows the risks.

This would be spectacular given proper time to build. Little Bryan vs Big Bad Brock. But you never really know how much longer Lesnar will be around. And with Bryan’s injury history, the same could be said for him. Bryan wanted this. Bryan is going to get it. Match should be fun. Just wish we had more time to tell the story.