Football season is coming to an end. This is devastating for all of us. It sucks for fans. It really sucks for gamblers. Especially non-professionals like me. I have barely watched the NBA this year. I like the NBA. But my three teams I care about have ALL gone 1-9 over their last ten games (Grizzlies, Knicks, Bulls) So my interest in this particular season is low.

Tennessee has the number one college basketball team in the nation. They played in an incredible game last night against in-state rival Vandy. But before last night I hadn’t seen much. There will be some fights and special events along the way that I like. Daytona 500 and NBA All Star come to mind. I like baseball but I’ve never bet on it. Hell, maybe I can bet on AAF games. You better believe I’ll bet on the XFL… but that’s not until NEXT year.

Football being almost over sucks. But at least we still have a week to win some money on our favorite sport. Too bad it’s next week. Winning money is something I need to do because, once again, I did not profit last week. Some readers have been confused because when I say I “lost” money that’s not necessarily the case. I just didn’t profit. When you win a bet, you get the winnings plus your money you bet. I only deal in profit so sometimes when I say I “lost” money, I didn’t actually “lose” money.

Like last week I won three bets. I profited $410 off those three bets. But I lost five bets for $100 each. So I’ll say I “lost” $90 for the week. I didn’t actually lose $90 because I get the winnings plus the $100 each I bet on all three games. So I actually still have $210 for last week. But I didn’t “win” any additional money. It’s like when people say they won $3 on a scratch off ticket. How much was the ticket cost? $2. Ok so you only won $1.  It’s just easier for me to count non-profits as a loss because the point is to PROFIT!

Before we get to the bets… It’s Birthday Week here at The Five Star Show! Sunday marks one year since the site started. This week will be mostly WWE content to go with WWE Royal Rumble. Next week will be heavy Super Bowl. Jon and Ted return for the Super Bowl Gambling Extravaganza next Thursday. Follow on Social and the site for all the latest. Thank you for your support.

On to the bets!

As always, all odds come courtesy of Bovada. All bets are $100. All profits based off the amount bet. All odds as of Wednesday 1/23/19. My picks are in BOLD.

Last Week Record: 3-5

Last Week Profit/Loss: Lost $90

Year to Date Record: 6-9

Year to Date Profit/Loss: Lost $203


FEDOR EMELIANENKO +250 $250 vs Ryan Bader


KEITH THURMAN -10000 $1 vs Josesito Lopez

That’s it folks. I don’t bet on WWE. I almost did since it’s my favorite event. But I just can’t bring myself to do it. Join us all week for Birthday Week and we’ll see you next week for The Weekend Gambling Guide Super Bowl Extravaganza! #WGG

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