The Weekend Gambling Guide has returned! Hide your debit cards! Put your cash under the mattress! It’s time for the biggest waste of money since that strip club sirloin steak! I hope you enjoyed not losing money last week! I was supposed to be in New York. I ended up in Memphis. You can hear about that on the Podcast.

I have good news this week! If my bets go poorly, I’ll have someone else to blame! That makes me feel better in the warm and fuzzies.

I’m using Rickey’s Mock Draft Version 2.0 to make these bets. So Rickey, whatever money I lose will be DEDUCTED FROM YOUR CHECK! If I happen to win any money, I’ll give you five bucks.


I don’t pay Rickey. I don’t even pay myself! If you think we should be paid, shoot me a DM on Twitter @TheFiveStarShow to learn about advertising opportunities with TFSS. I especially could use the money. Check out how bad I am at gambling below!

Last #WGG Record: 2-3

Last #WGG Profit/Loss: Lost $99

Year to Date Record: 26-42-0-1

Year to Date Profit/Loss: Loss $1,988

Odds this week come via BetOnline. Odds as of Saturday 4/13/19. All bets placed are $100 unless otherwise noted. All profits are based off the amount bet. My picks are in BOLD.


Defensive Players Selected in the First Round

Over 16.5     -150

Under 16.5  +110  $110

Rickey has it dead even. 16 Offensive and 16 Defensive players.


Draft Position – Oklahoma QB Kyler Murray

Pick 1 or 2  -500  $20

Pick 3+       +300

He’s the number one pick on Rickey’s mock.


Draft Position – Ohio State DE Nick Bosa

Pick 1 or 2   -300  $33

Pick 3+        +200

Pick number two on the mock.


Number of Alabama Crimson Tide Players Selected in Round One

Over 2.5     -160  $63

Under 2.5   +120

Rickey has three Crimson Tide being selected. Q. Williams, J. Williams, J, Jacobs.


Number of Wide Receivers Drafted in Round One

Over 2.5    -120  $83

Under 2.5  -120

Rickey has a whopping FOUR WR’s going in the first round. Metcalf, M. Brown, AJ Brown, Harry

Follow on Social @TheFiveStarShow and use #WGG to follow along. We will be at the draft either officially or unofficially. When I know how official we are, I’ll let you know as much info as I can.