I had high hopes for 2019. I really did. 2018 was mostly a disaster, save for the website being created and my kid being awesome. But with the new year comes new hopes. A new outlook on life….

Then my fucking car got stolen, AGAIN! And, I started the 2019 #WGG horribly! The gambling fund got that ass beat worse than Alabama….

This time of the year sucks for me gambling. I haven’t watched any college basketball yet. The NBA is losing my interest with the Grizzlies being shitty. So now that college football is over, all I really have to bet on that i’m comfortable with is the NFL and fights. Next week is a good fight week for both UFC and boxing. This week…. not so much.

Since I don’t have much to gamble on, let me go ahead and give you some NFL coaching news to fill some article space…

Broncos: Vic Fangio… the trend seems to be hire anyone that’s ever met Sean McVay. The Broncos bucked the trend and went with a 60 year old successful Defensive Coordinator. I like it.

Browns: Freddie Kitchens… Defensive Coordinator Gregg Williams actually made Cleveland relevant. So what does Cleveland do? Hire the Offensive Coordinator as Head Coach. Strange.

Buccaneers: Bruce Arians… Had an emotional retirement speech on Jan 1, 2018. 42 years of coaching and 65 years of age. He wanted to spend time with his family. One year of family time and he’s like fuck this let’s go to Tampa Bay. Fuck him.

Cardinals: Kliff Kingsbury… The best looking coach of all-time. Had Baker Mayfield and Patrick Mahomes in college. Didn’t win anything. Was fired from his alma mater. Was supposed to be the OC for USC. Left that job without doing anything to be a NFL Head Coach. Stupid.

Jets: Adam Gase… Former Dolphins Head Coach went 5-1 against the Jets and 18-24 against everybody else. “Who is that guy that beats our ass? He must be good!” Stupid.

Packers: Matt LaFleur… met Sean McVay AND Kyle Shanahan! Coached the Titans’ offense for one season. Took half a season to remember that Derrick Henry was on the team. Stupid.

What the fuck is going on? Credit for not rehashing a bunch of has beens. But this coaching carousel is certainly odd.

On to the picks!

Last Week Record: 1-3

Last Week Profit/Loss: Lost $195

Year to Date is the same. Last week was the first #WGG of this year.

As always, all odds come courtesy of Bovada. All bets are $100. All profits based off the amount bet. All odds as of Wednesday 1/9/19. My picks are in BOLD.


Colts vs CHIEFS -5.0 -115 $87

COWBOYS +7.0 -105 $95 vs Rams

Charges vs PATRIOTS -4.0 -105 $95

That’s it for me. Check out the Podcast on Monday. I’m traveling to Tunica Sunday and then I’ll be in Memphis for WWE Monday Night RAW. Should be a strange show. Follow on Social @TheFiveStarShow

Cover Photo: Trident Fitness and Performance/Google Images