I love the first two days of the NCAA Tournament. I used to go to the bar and drink until about 4 pm. Then I would go home and nap while the news came on. Then either stay home and watch the night games or head back to the bar!

Remember when not every game was on TV? Sounds insane but this is only the 9th year of every game being available. People complaining you can’t find TruTV on your guide? Shut up! You can watch your local team get drilled by 50 and like it!

What I don’t love is gambling. At least this year. I suck at it. I’ve almost run out of funds. Here’s the usual shit followed by some (probably) horrible picks.

Last Week Record: 2-6

Last Week Profit/Loss: Lost $483

Year to Date Record: 19-36-0-1

Year to Date Profit/Loss: Lost $1,935

As always, all odds come courtesy of Bovada. All bets are $100 unless otherwise noted. All profits based off the amount bet. All odds as of Thursday 3/21/19. My picks are in BOLD.


LSU -300 $33 over Yale

AUBURN -275 $36 over New Mexico State

FLORIDA STATE -450 $22 over Vermont

BELMONT +130 $130 over Maryland

MURRAY STATE +130 $130 over Marquette

FLORIDA +125 $125 over Nevada

That’s it for today! If this goes well, maybe I’ll do a special edition tomorrow!

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