When I started this website, I really thought it would be a WWE site first. Maybe mix in some pop culture, sports, and politics. I was throwing shit at the wall seeing what would stick. I knew I enjoyed gambling. But there was no way I would feel comfortable giving sound gambling advice.

So in February I threw up an article with some gambling picks I liked. The picks did well and the article did better than any WWE or anything else article I had posted. I was like hmmm… maybe I’m on to something. So I repeated the same formula the following week. Same good results. This article became a weekly segment known as The Weekend Gambling Guide.

I never intended for The Guide to be any sort of inside or “sharp” information. The Guide was just picks that a 30 (now 31) year old dude with two (now one) jobs liked. I put my money on these picks and shared the results with you. 55-60% winners seem to be the goal for professional gamblers. I wanted to see how a casual gambler could compare.

Over the course of the year I was joined by friends. I appreciate all of Jon and Ted’s contributions to this article. Without them, The Guide wouldn’t have even posted a couple times. Ted started The Guide on fire. Jon closed the year out on an incredible run. I’ve been somewhere in the 51-53% winners all year.

Once I hit a couple of good bets, France winning the World Cup was huge for me, I decided to make a goal. I wanted to have a gambling pure profit of $3,000 for 2018. Considering most of my bets are $100, I bet on average 5-7 items a week, and I’m speaking of pure profit, I thought this was a reasonable goal to achieve.

This is my last opportunity to hit the goal! This is the final Weekend Gambling Guide of 2018! I want to thank you, the reader, for following along with our selections. At the minimum, hopefully we entertained you. And if you won some money along the way, well that’s good too.

Let’s close out 2018 with a bang! Go big or go home. Next week starts a whole new year with a whole new goal. With UFC, NFL, College Football Playoff, and more going down this weekend, we should have plenty of bets to choose from. Let’s go!

First up, since I am the creator, ME!


Last Week Record: 0-2

Year to Date Record: 151-136-4-2 Win-Loss-Push-Void

Last Week Profit/Loss: Lost $200

Year to Date Profit/Loss: Profit $2,325

As always, all odds come courtesy of Bovada. All bets are $100. All profits based off the amount bet. All odds as of Wednesday 12/26/18. My picks are in BOLD.


Chad Mendes vs ALEXANDER VOLKANOVSKI +130 $130

Cristiane “Cyborg” Justino vs AMANDA NUNES +200 $200


NEW YORK JETS +13.5 -105 $95 vs New England Patriots

JACKSONVILLE JAGUARS +7 -120 $83 vs Houston Texans

CLEVELAND BROWNS +6.0 -110 $91 vs Baltimore Ravens


THURSDAY – Baylor vs VANDERBILT -4.5 -110 $91

FRIDAY – PURDUE +3.0 -105 $95 vs Auburn

FRIDAY – WEST VIRGINIA +2.0 -105 $95 vs Syracuse

SATURDAY – NOTRE DAME +12.5 -115 $87 vs Clemson

Nine bets for me. I need to profit $675 to hit my goal. Thanks to all of you for enjoying The Weekend Gambling Guide. It means a lot to me.

Next up is Ted. Ted made all of us step our game up when he arrived on the WGG scene. Here he is. One last time.

Well the final blog picks of 2018 are here. If you didn’t get everything you wanted for Christmas then hopefully you’ll cash in on some good advice.

In the NFL the Texans -6.5 over the Jags.

Chiefs -13.5 crush the Raiders.

Baltimore -275 moneyline over Cleveland.

Tennessee +3.5 over Indy.

In College Bowl games, Washington State buy 1/2 pt -2.5 over Iowa State in the Alamo Bowl.

West Virginia +1.5 over Syracuse in the camping world bowl.

Penn State -6.5 over Kentucky.

In the NBA tonight Rockets +1.5 over Boston

and in the UFC JON JONES over Gustafson. Now go have a happy new year!

And I can’t believe it but it’s true. Jon missed deadline on THE FINAL WEEKEND GAMBLING GUIDE OF THE YEAR! Look for him in the comments.

Thank you all so much for your support. See you next year! @TheFiveStarShow

Cover Photo via VCH/Google