Last week, I decided to change it up with the gambling picks. I did a Thursday only and a Friday only gambling guide. Part of this was due to my daughter’s birthday weekend. The other part was due to us winning money and being awesome!

That winning and awesome stuff came to a screeching halt. So this week we will go back to normal weekend gambling picks. Those picks will come out Thursday!

Until then, let’s recap the failure:


(2) Southern Illinois (+2.5 -105 $95) vs (7) Missouri State

Southern Illinois won 67-63

WIN 1-0

Penn (-2 -115 $87) at Yale

Penn was up by 3 late in this game. Not only did they end up not covering, they didn’t win period. Yale won 80-79.

LOSS 1-1

(10) Chattanooga vs (7) Samford (-2.5 -105 $95)

I need to stop picking games in which both teams suck. Chattanooga won by 10. They lost by 18 the next night in the tournament.

LOSS 1-2

Charlotte Hornets (+3.5 -110 $91) at Philadelphia 76ers

The Hornets were up by 10 most of this game! Then the 4th quarter happened. Hornets outscored 36-19 in the 4th. 76ers win by 11.

LOSS 1-3

Dallas Mavericks at Chicago Bulls (+2 -110 $91)

I honestly thought we were going 1-4. This game looked bad for most of it. I gave up. But I checked the final just to see how bad it was and wouldn’t you know, Bulls win! Bulls outscored the Mavs 30-15 in the 4th. 108-100 Bulls.

WIN 2-3

Week 1: 3-4 profit $330

Week 2: 5-3 profit $139

Week 3 Thur: 2-3 profit -$126

Week 3 Fri: 2-3 profit -$114

Total: 12-13 profit $229

This Thursday we will get back on track, betting mostly Conference tournament games of teams we’ve actually seen play this year! Until then, put the profits in the safe before I take them all!

photo via pngtree