I love the World Cup. Especially since my France squad is in the final four. However, the Cup has turned the “weekend” gambling guide into a Tuesday gambling guide. I’d be asleep by now, Monday night 11:20pm, but there are people (me!) that have money to make! If you have followed the gambling guide since the World Cup began in June, you’ll remember that we have a $100 bet on France to win the tournament. That bet would profit $700 if the French team takes home the trophy on Sunday. Before we get to Sunday, we have business to take care of on Tuesday and Wednesday.

This version of the gambling guide is a World Cup Special Edition. I’m only betting the World Cup Semifinal matches. We will have the normal weekend gambling guide on Thursday. For the World Cup, we started with $25 bets on individual games. Last week we bumped up to $50. This week, there are only 4 teams remaining. Might as well make some $100 bets!

Let’s review how we did last week and see where we are for the year. The France bet isn’t reflected in the weekly or yearly standings.

Last Week Win and Loss: 4 wins – 5 losses – 0 push -1 cancelled

Last Week Profit and Loss: Profit $177

Year to Date Win and Loss: 70-68-2-2

Year to Date Profit and Loss: Profit $399

Thankfully the UFC allowed us to profit (more on the mega fight in a separate article) because I didn’t do so hot on my soccer picks last week. This week, we fix that! Let’s make some bets!

As always, all odds come via Bovada. All bets are $100 bets. All profits are based off those $100 bets. My bets are in BOLD.


FRANCE (+145 3-WAY ML $145) vs Belgium


Croatia vs ENGLAND (+130 3-WAY ML $130)

England vs France in the World Cup Final would be spectacular. Especially if France wins. I could use the money… if you haven’t read the stories about my car getting stolen.. go to the homepage and check that shit out. Also the hyperlinks are Amazon links for you to buy stuff. You’ll see some banner ads as well. I gotta make some ad money but I’ll try to keep the site as clean as possible.

Cover photo via PopSockets