The Show, per usual lately, is off schedule. This week’s disaster is double pink eye! Fuck! I woke up Monday morning with my eyes so crusted over with yellow eye jizz that I COULDN’T OPEN MY EYES! That’s some scary ass shit. I felt like Anne Frank or Helen Keller. Whichever chick it is that was blind and shit. It’s now Friday and it’s mostly gone. Fuck pink eye.

Today is Friday and it’s time for The Weekend Gambling Guide. Tomorrow, I plan to put out some WWE Wrestlemania content. Sunday is a special personal project. Monday podcast. Tuesday Wrestlemania predictions. Then I head off to THE BIG APPLE. I’ve never been to New York. I’m pretty excited. Not so pumped about the 18 hour car ride with my girlfriend, my 3 year old, and my future Mother-in-Law. But that’s what they make Xanax for!

The Five Star Show has a NCAA Bracket Challenge going. A grand total of THREE of you entered. So there’s three plus me. I’m in fourth. Fuck it.

I did a double dip for gambling last week because I’m an idiot. I went 5-1 on Thursday then promptly followed that up with an 0-2 Friday. Fuck.

At least I actually post my record. Some of these pundits and dickheads give picks then only bring it up if they kicked ass. I’ve sucked this whole year!

No #WGG next week. I’ll do some website stuff. But I’m mainly going to try to enjoy my trip. And hope I don’t get murdered in the Bronx checking out Yankee Stadium.

Last Week Record: 5-3

Last Week Profit/Loss: Profit $46

Year to Date Record: 24-39-0-1

Year to Date Profit/Loss: Loss $1,889

As always, all odds come courtesy of Bovada. Odds as of Friday 3/29/19. All bets placed are $100 unless otherwise noted. All profits are based off the amount bet. My picks are in BOLD.


LSU +6.0 -105 $95 vs Michigan State

Auburn vs NORTH CAROLINA -5.5 -115 $86

Houston vs KENTUCKY -2.5 -110 $91


KAROLINA KOWALKIEWICZ -160 $62 vs Michelle Waterson

Edison Barboza vs JUSTIN GAETHJE +110 $110

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Cover Photo from Google Images. That’s not my eye. Mine was worse.