Thanksgiving. A time for family and food. Unless you work retail then it’s a time for Red Bull, coffee, no sleep, and stress. This will be the first Thanksgiving I haven’t worked since 2011. And in 2011 I was in jail! More about that on Monday’s Storytime With The Show Podcast.

When I first experienced Black Friday, my job that recently fired me opened at 10pm on Thanksgiving Day. We stayed open all the way until 10pm on Black Friday. Each employee had a six hour break during the shift. This was reasonable enough for me. I think Black Friday should actually start, ya know, on FRIDAY. But I could deal with this.

Fast forward to last year. That same job opened at 4pm Thanksgiving Day. Employees arrive at 2:30pm. The store closed around midnight. Then the store reopened at 5am Black Friday. Not much time for sleep when you have to count the register, travel home, and then be awake in time to arrive at 4:30am. All so people can buy a cheap item for even cheaper.

Black Friday is stupid. Most good product actually goes on sale a couple weeks before the holiday. In some cases, prices tick slightly up on Black Friday because you, the customer, are going to buy it anyways. Say a product is normally $500. Two weeks before Black Friday this item will drop to $350. On Black Friday, the item is now $400. Still a deal. But not worth being at a store at 5 in the morning.

The reason stores open on Thanksgiving is because the CUSTOMER wanted this. Specifically, the younger customer. The teenagers stuck at grandmas. Picture yourself as a 16 year old. You’ve been with grandma and her moth ball smell since 7 in the morning. You’ve eaten. You’ve napped. Now it’s 3 in the afternoon and you’re bored. Now you can go shopping!

You would be surprised how many customers would come into my store to just look at stuff on Thanksgiving Day! Used to be customers coming in on a holiday were ready to buy. Salespeople could jump on them and take every dollar. Now thanks to extended hours, online deals, and smart customers getting smarter, this isn’t the case. Sure people still spend on Thanksgiving. But the number of window shoppers has risen each year. I used to be like “why would you spend a holiday walking around a store not buying anything?” The answer was always “just to get out of the house.”

So when workers complain and older people complain about holiday hours being absurd. How it’s not fair that retail workers don’t get time with their family. How the adults have to interrupt dinner to take the kid shopping. Don’t blame big CORPORATE. The suits just exploit it. BLAME THE CHILDREN! The generation that needs a screen in their face 24/7 to communicate yet can’t hold a real conversation in person. Yep it’s ALL YOUR FAULT. Also Grandma’s dead.

How about some gambling picks! Let’s start with me!


Last Week Record: 4-3

Last Week Profit/Loss: Profit $72

Year to Date Record: 143-122-4-2 or 53.16% winners.

Year to Date Profit/Loss: Profit $2,981

As always, all odds come courtesy of Bovada. All bets are $100. All profits based off the amount bet. All odds as of Wednesday 11/21/18. My picks are in BOLD.


REDSKINS +7.0 -110 $91 vs Cowboys


TIGER WOODS -200 $50 vs Phil Mickelson


ALISTAIR OVEREEM +105 $105 vs Sergey Pavlovich

Curtis Blaydes vs FRANCIS NGANNOU +170 $170


MICHIGAN -4.5 -110 $91 vs Ohio State

Florida vs FLORIDA STATE +6.0 -105 $95    RULE BREAKER!!!


Chuck Liddell vs TITO ORTIZ -285 $35


49ers vs BUCCANEERS -3.5 -105 $95


Alright off my bye week and under the deadline.

Wednesday night in the NBA as a bonus Milwaukee rolls -300 money line over Portland.

Houston bet the kids college fund -500 over Detroit… Enjoy this Black Friday money!

In NCAA football, Washington state -2.5 over Washington.

Ohio St +4 over Michigan.

West Virginia in their super bowl +2 over Oklahoma.

Utah state in their super bowl +2.5 on the smurf turf vs Boise St.

In the NFL, Tampa buy 1/2 pt -2.5 over SF.

In the battle of Ohio, Cincinnati buy 1/2 pt -2.5 over Cleveland.

Philly -6 over NYG.

Carolina buy 1 pt -2.5 over Seattle.

Colts buy 1 pt -6.5 over Miami.

And now for the turkey himself, Jon. He went 7-3-2 last week and has had a great November. Let’s see if he can keep it up.

* Indicates bought 1/2 point

Georgia Georgia Tech OVER 59

Washington Washington State OVER 49

Arkansas Missouri OVER 61

Alabama Auburn OVER 53

LSU +4 *


UTAH -12 *

Duke ML

Steelers Broncos OVER 46 *

Green Bay +4 *

Chargers -12 *

Cowboys -6.5 *

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Check out Storytime with the Show on Monday. SoundCloud, Stitcher, iTunes, and the podcast page. Social @TheFiveStarShow. #WGG on Twitter for The Weekend Gambling Guide.

Photo Credit USA Today/Google