It’s your boy FSS here. After a much needed break to handle some family and personal matters, I’m proud to announce the return of The Five Star Show.

The Five Star Show Podcast, available on SoundCloud, Stitcher, iTunes, and this website; will return Wednesday July 3rd. The intention is to record Tuesday nights and release in time for your Wednesday morning commute. I hope to stay on a consistent schedule. And entertain on a consistent basis.

The reality is, my work began to suffer right as I was going on hiatus. The podcast sucked. I was basically trying to put one out by force just because. The point of my website and podcast is to provide quality entertainment. That’s the only way I can stand out and become a destination for readers and listeners.

Super famous/popular entertainers can have a bad show, a bad album, etc and be forgiven because he or she has a track record of success. I don’t have that luxury. When I’m on my BEST game, I’m lucky to generate weekly numbers that would match what Facebook does in seconds. I have to be focused and I have to be on my game.

I wasn’t on my game. Too much going on in my life. I will discuss it all as only I can on The Five Star Show podcast next week! Written articles will begin next week as well.

Thanks for your support and understanding

The Show!