It’s that time of year. Where websites fill the time with polls, lists, reviews, and awards. I’m no different. It’s Christmas time. People are busy. Clicks are down. But that’s okay. I enjoy looking back on the year that was. And wondering where the hell time went.

Since my site is a WWE site first, I’ve decided to make WWE Awards for 2018. It’s my opinion. Which is convenient since it’s my website! Feel free to agree or disagree on our Social pages. @TheFiveStarShow

These “Awards” will recognize the good and bad in several categories for WWE this year. This is strictly WWE so RAW and Smackdown Live. No 205 or NXT for these awards as I don’t watch enough to judge.

The first award to be presented is….


The Qualifications: This award goes to the Superstar that for whatever reason didn’t excel in 2018. Whether it’s his or her fault, creative malpractice, or fan expectation, this Superstar just didn’t stand out like he or she should/could have in 2018. A Superstar in this category is someone that is capable of being a top player.

The Nominees: Bobby Roode. Bayley. Bray Wyatt. Mojo Rawley. Tye Dillinger.

A Brief Case for Each:

Tye Dillinger: The Perfect 10 was an exciting call up for the Royal Rumble last year. The same stunt took place this year. Nothing much materialized afterwards. Tye was paired up with R-Truth to get some excitement generated for him. Unfortunately for Tye, the excitement was generated for R-Truth. R-Truth has a dance break segment seemingly every Tuesday night. Including a dance segment with the McMahon family on Smackdown 1000. Dillinger hasn’t been seen on Smackdown Live since September.

Mojo Rawley: This is a slight stretch to say Mojo is capable of being a top player, as the qualification calls for. But WWE thought he was intriguing enough to give a small push. He won the Wrestlemania Battle Royal in 2017 with his buddy Gronk. Yes, this is a 2018 award show but the runner up in that Royal was Jinder Mahal. Jinder became WWE Champion. So 2018 should have been a big year for the actual winner, Mojo.  The Hype One had a US title and IC title match this year and even had a four match win streak on RAW during the Summer. That was about it for Mojo however, as he has been relegated to Main Event tapings since August.

Bray Wyatt: Bray actually had a solid year for accomplishments. After feuding with Matt Hardy to start the year, he teamed with the Woken one and the two soon became RAW Tag Team Champions. But his issues with his wife, his mistress, and his driving habits cooled down his solid year. An injury in his car accident put him on the shelf. Matt Hardy semi-retired. His character seems stale. The man that was once hailed as an Undertaker replacement has now fallen to the way side.

Bobby Roode: Roode makes the list for his second half of the year. The former NXT Champion started the year by winning the US title on Smackdown Live. He was featured in a Wrestlemania Fatal 4-Way for the same title. Then came the shakeup to RAW. Bobby immediately began eating pins to Kevin Owens, Elias, and Braun Strowman to show the fans his place on the card. Roode has spent Fall and Winter in a tag team with Chad Gable that I have no interest in. The only thing Glorious for Roode on RAW is his entrance.



Remember in 2017 when Bayley ended Charlotte’s PPV undefeated streak? Remember that same year when Bayley retained her RAW Women’s Championship at Wrestlemania in a Fatal 4-Way against Charlotte, Nia Jax, and Sasha Banks? That was cool. 2018 presented The Hugger with two Championship opportunities. One came at the MSG house show in March in a Triple Threat. The other was the Elimination Chamber in February.

Bayley still got her TV time thanks to her never ending on again off again back on again friendship with Sasha Banks. But Bayley never had any serious feuds or storylines outside of hers and Sasha’s issues this year. She was involved in a miserable segment on the worst RAW ever just a couple weeks ago. That segment was then repeated the following week. Basically, ever since her miserable This is Your Life segment in Summer of 17, Bayley has been reduced to a cool entrance and that’s it.

Bayley should be a top Women’s Superstar. This isn’t an original thought, I heard it from Vince Russo, but Bayley could be the female John Cena. The smiley happy kid friendly Superstar. Cena might get booed by the adults in the crowd but kids LOVE HIM. Bayley could play that same role. But nope. Bayley went from Champion to Lovable Loser to just Loser in about 18 months.

Bayley is not even close to the top level of women on RAW. You think Bayley is getting a match with Ronda Rousey anytime soon? Yeah Right! On the RAW Women’s roster, Bayley is below Ronda, Nia, Alexa, and Sasha at least. You can argue she’s below Natalya, Ruby Riott, and Liv Morgan at this point. She’s closer to Dana Brooke territory than Championship material and that is a shame.

Congratulations Bayley. You’ve won the first ever TFSS WWE AWARD! Hopefully 2019 will put you in the Most Improved Category. You deserve better!

Check out more awards coming over the next couple of weeks!

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