It’s time for the big ones. The MVP’s of WWE. Male and Female Superstar of the Year. We are going to give out the Male MVP first. If you know me, you’ll understand why I saved Women’s MVP for last.

Remember, this is for WWE Main Roster members. Save your Johnny Gargano hate male please.

And now, the first ever The Five Star Show WWE Male Superstar of the Year Nominees.

Seth Rollins 

Consistent: Seth Rollins was the most consistent performer for the year 2018. He had countless TV matches with Dolph Ziggler, The Miz, Dean Ambrose, and others that typically were of great quality. Hopefully The Architect can be positioned into a Universal Championship opportunity in 2019.

Moments: Gauntlet. IC. Tag. Shield.

Braun Strowman

Get These Hands: The most popular superstar on either roster for most of the year. Never could win the big one.

Moments: MITB Winner. Mania Tag with Nicholas. Won GRR. Lost to Reigns and Lesnar for Universal.

Roman Reigns

The Big Dog: Roman is clearly, sorry Becky, The Man of WWE. He spent the first part of the year gunning for the big red belt. Once he got it, he had to give it up in what has to be the standout moment of 2018.

Moments: Started year as IC Champion. #2 in Rumble. Won Elimination Chamber. Lost to Lesnar at Mania in a big surprise and lost to Lesnar at GRR. Beat Lesnar for Universal at SummerSlam. Leukemia. The speech he gave to announce his leukemia had me in shoot tears.

Runner Up: Daniel Bryan

To Little To Late: I said his return was wasted months ago. Oops. It did seem that way at the time. But now The New Daniel Bryan is here. He did enough in basically two months to earn the runner-up spot on this list. Wouldn’t surprise me if DB finishes the 2019 list in the top spot.

Moments: Smackdown GM. Returned at Mania with Shane. Stuck with Big Cass for TWO PPV Dreadful. Teamed with Kane but lost attempt at Smackdown Tag Titles. Finished (for now) program with The Miz after a loss at SummerSlam and a loss with wife at HIAC before winning at WWESSD. Then came October. AJ Styles. Lost WWE title opportunity on Smackdown only to win the title and turn heel on Smackdown a couple weeks later. The NEW Daniel Bryan. Survivor Series with Lesnar.

Winner: AJ Styles

Phenomenal: When I went back to Pro Wrestling Database to recap Styles’ year, I had forgotten just how many opponents AJ had for his WWE Title. One complaint is that The Phenomenal One had too many matches with the same guy(s). But when you take a look at the year in totality that doesn’t really hold up. AJ was the champ for most of the year. He did everything he could to make Smackdown’s title mean something, despite rarely getting the main event spot on PPV. AJ Styles is the 2018 TFSS WWE Male Superstar of the Year.

Moments: Champ for 11 of the 12 months. Defeated at Rumble KO and Sami in Handicap. Fastlane 6 pack challenge vs Dolph, Corbin, Cena, KO, Sami. Shinsuke at Mania, GRR, Backlash, and MITB. Rusev at Extreme Rules. Joe at SummerSlam (DQ), HIAC, SSD and WWECJ. Finally lost to Bryan. Hit Vince on Christmas. Great year…. 2016 and 17 PWI Wrestler of the Year

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