It’s time for the final TFSS 2018 WWE Award. I’ve already given awards for Rookie of the Year, Underachiever of the Year, Match of the Year, and Male Superstar of the Year.
Now it’s time for the big one. WWE Female Superstar of the Year.
I didn’t save this award for last for politically correct reasons.
I didn’t save this award for last to get more clicks.
I saved this award because the winner of this award is my personal favorite sports entertainer in WWE today.
I own one wrestling action figure purchased in the last 15 years, it’s her.
I have one wrestler’s shirt purchased in the last 10 years, it’s hers.
Who might she be? Let’s get to it.

Again, this is for WWE Main Roster Superstars. No NXT nonsense.

The Nominees

Alexa Bliss

Didn’t Finish. Could’ve won any other year…

Alexa Bliss was for once overshadowed. That’s amazing considering her character and her mic skills are the best of all the women in my opinion.
Her in-ring work is solid but I’m not a workrate mark. Give me character over “five star” matches any time.
Little Miss Bliss did her best to stand out, despite the arrival of The Baddest Woman on the Planet to Monday Nights. That’s more than most of the women can say.
She won her 4th championship in August of 2017 and defended her title all the way until Wrestlemania. She wasn’t without the title long as only two months later she won the Money in the Bank Briefcase. She cashed in later that night during Nia Jax’s match with Ronda Rousey to become a five time champion.
She dropped the title to Rousey at Summerslam and that was pretty much the end of her year. She last wrestled at WWE HIAC and has since been reduced to a non-wrestler participant.
She supposedly has multiple concussions and her in-ring return is still not determined. She was the RAW Women’s GM briefly so her mic skills could still shine. But we need a complete Bliss to appreciate just how good she is. She’ll probably need a shift to Smackdown if she wants to become champion again. Rousey has a stranglehold on the Red Women’s Title.
Hopefully she can return healthy and have a great 2019.

Ronda Rousey

Rookie of the Year. Not Female of the Year.

She won TFSS Rookie of the Year. Some of this has been discussed on that article. So I’ll try to be brief. She pointed at the Mania sign. She overachieved in her WrestleMania match.
She became champion in August and is still the champ today. Her booking is odd to me at times. She’s a legit UFC fighter yet Alexa Bliss and Nikki Bella can give her competitive matches.
I guess you have to believe that wrestling is different and presents new challenges different than the octagon.
I feel Ronda is overexposed. We hate Brock Lesnar for working rarely yet if Rousey could take a page from The Beast’s book it would make her feel more special.
The craziest thing about Rousey is she went from universally loved at Mania to fans celebrating Smackdown’s Becky Lynch beating her on her own show.
Charlotte beat the shit out of Ronda with a stick and fans loved it. Overexposure temporarily damaged Rousey in my opinion.
But she’s Ronda, she’ll be fine. She over-delivered on all expectation and, despite my advice, shows up every night. For that she deserves praise.

Charlotte Flair

Lebron can’t win MVP every year

Charlotte is the Lebron of WWE Women. She’s the best athlete with the Flair name and the heel game that puts her as the best women’s overall performer, period.
She’s not Alexa on the mic but she can hold her own. Flair could win this award every year and it’d be hard to argue. She started the year as champion.
She lost the title briefly to Carmella but won it back a couple months later. She was defeated by bestie turned enemy Becky Lynch for the belt in September.
Flair has been involved in multiple match of the year candidates, including TFSS winner at WWE Evolution. She subbed for an injured Lynch and had a great match with a brutal (in a good way) end against Rousey at Survivor Series.

Here is Charlotte’s Resume in 2018:
Ended Asuka’s undefeated streak
Part of four match of the year candidates (Mania, Survivor Series, Evolution, TLC)
A two-time champion
Part of two major feuds (Rousey and Lynch)
Yet she is the runner-up?! Insane right? She was the most consistent female performer all year. She arguably had a more complete year than my winner.
But one woman stood out more than any on this list. That woman is none other than….

Winner: Becky Lynch

The Man

The finish is everything. Whether you follow WWE regularly or you are a first timer, you’d instantly take one look at Smackdown and think… man this red head must be a big deal.
You’d be correct to feel that way. However, you must hop in your hot tub time machine to the beginning of the year. Becky was in no man’s land.
Sure she won some matches in the first quarter of the year, but she was not a major player.
While runner-up Charlotte was ending Asuka’s undefeated streak, and Rookie of the Year Rousey was in a marquee mixed tag match at Wrestlemania, Lynch was a loser in the….women’s battle royal?

Then something changed. Becky spent the summer winning everything except MITB. She earned a title shot against Carmella at Summerslam. This was Becky’s time to shine…
Until Charlotte came in to play. Lynch’s big match with Mella became a triple-threat. Which Charlotte of course won. Becky snapped. She beat her best friend senseless.
The crowd loved it. Becky had a spark. The spark turned into straight fire.
Becky won her first title since being the inaugural Smackdown Women’s Champion two years prior by defeating Flair at HIAC.
She defended against Flair in my Match of the Year in a Last Woman Standing Match at WWE Evolution. She was hotter than ever leading into her Champion vs Champion match at Survivor Series against Ronda Rousey.
Then, in the most memorable moment of 2018, Lynch led an attack of Blue Brand women into enemy territory, Monday Night RAW. Nia Jax broke Lynch’s face in the melee. The Irish Lass Kicker still finished the segment with blood on her face and her nose shifted to the side. The blood made an awesome segment, legendary.
The broken face put her out of Survivor Series. But this mishap will hopefully lead to a match on The Grandest Stage of them All, Wrestlemania.
Lynch ended the year by losing the title at TLC, thanks to interference from Rousey. Hopefully, this allows Lynch to set her sights on Ronda at Mania.
Title or not, Lynch transformed from Lass Kicker to The Man. We haven’t seen a run like this since Stone Cold Steve Austin after his 3:16 promo.
Can Lynch sustain this run through 2019 and beyond? Only time (and booking) will tell. But in a year where Charlotte was Queen and Ronda was The Baddest, it was Lynch that became The Man.

Becky Lynch is your 2018 TFSS Female Superstar of the Year.

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