2019 has been a horrible year for me. Therefore I have decided to suspend operations of The Five Star Show and all of its properties. I can’t do the site on a consistent basis. Maybe we will relaunch. Maybe this is the end. Only time will tell. Thank you to the staff of TFSS and all of the entities that attempted to help us including the NFL, Nashville SC, and others.

Thanks to all of you for your support.


In the last 5 months:

My car was involved in a hit and run

My car was stolen again

I got pink eye

My sister, the good one, had her child on my child’s birthday

My sister, the bad one, spent months in the hospital

My mother has been in the hospital

My girlfriend has been in the hospital

I was declined Wrestlemania credentials on my dad’s birthday.

My dad’s five year death anniversary happened.

I got no tax return. I owe the IRS.

My girlfriend and her mother hate each other. This cost me a trip to New York.

My girlfriend’s mother hates my girlfriend’s brother. He happens to be a long-time friend of mine.

My girlfriend’s mother brought us a cat that I hate.

And now, I’m having a second child.