Wow did I suck yesterday! We had a terrible beat thanks to Seton Hall. And we lost $405 of the profit. That’s a bad 1-5 day. Let’s do better today.

I am doing this on my phone so I don’t get in trouble for using a computer at Job 1 like I usually do. Apparently that is frowned upon. So forgive the format.

As always my picks are in BOLD. Odds from Bovada. Profit based on $100 bets.

10 BUTLER +4 -110 $91

2 NORTH CAROLINA -7 -105 $95

7 NEVADA +8.5 -105 $95

4 AUBURN -1 -115 $87

13 MARSHALL +12.5 -110 $91

Five games. And boy do we need 5 winners. Enjoy the games.




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