So just an aside here… I got bit or stung by something yesterday. I have a swollen and itchy left arm and I’m a little off. So excuse me if this isn’t my best work. The show must go on, however. It is The Five Star Show after all.

I wanted to try my hand at fantasy booking. I’m not fantasy booking all 57 (approx) matches on the card. Just the ones I think I could do well. My booking may not have the best storyline continuity or make much sense. So it’s pretty much like most WWE booking! If I was in charge of SummerSlam, this is how i’d do it.

CBS Sports helped me keep up with the card.

Baron Corbin vs Finn Balor

First, this would be on the preshow. Then I’d have Corbin just destroy Balor. Just beat him senseless. That way Finn can be broken/woken and change to The Demon permanently. Balor needs to be The Demon all the time. It’s not like Undertaker comes out as Mark Calaway 90% of the time then switches to the Deadman for a big show.

Daniel Bryan vs The Miz

I’d have Miz actually try to out wrestle Bryan. Miz gets mad when things aren’t going his way. Bryan takes control of the action. All signs point to Daniel Bryan beating The Miz. Maryse comes up on the apron. Distracts the referee. Miz sneaks a cheap shot and goes for a skull-crushing finale. Bryan counters and gets the yes lock. Tapout finish but Bryan won’t let go. Miz passes out. Bryan doesn’t go full heel here but shows some heel tendencies to make us wonder.

Carmella vs Becky Lynch vs Charlotte for the Smackdown Women’s Championship

WWE has already done a good job of teasing the potential problems between Tea-X. I don’t want the blowup yet. Nor do I want the Becky heel turn right now. Maybe one day. I want a double submission with the Dis-Arm-Her and the Figure Four. Mella taps but we don’t know who won. Now this would be difficult because Becky’s submission has her opponent on her stomach. While the figure four is applied to a person on her back. But it’s fantasy booking so they could figure it out.

Alexa Bliss vs Ronda Rousey for the Raw Women’s Championship

This one is simple. Ronda just destroys Alexa. Almost like when Suplex City first began. But somehow, someway, Alexa finds a way to retain her title. Rousey doesn’t need to win the title this early in her WWE career. Bliss sneaking out of Barclays with her title would be the way to go in my eyes.

AJ Styles vs Samoa Joe for the WWE Championship

This would be my main event. I know it won’t happen but I’d do it. These two go back and forth for maybe a half hour. Eventually Joe starts to take over. AJ has a rally. Styles goes for the Forearm. Joe ducks the attempt and catches Styles in the Clutch. AJ doesn’t tap. He passes out. Samoa Joe is the new champion.

Brock Lesnar vs Roman Reigns for the Universal Championship

Lesnar destroys Reigns. It’s that simple. 1. 2. 3. Brock retains. Braun Strowman’s music hits. (In my scenario Strowman wins his match against Kevin Owens earlier in the show) We think we are getting the briefcase cash-in. Instead, Strowman calls his shot. Braun grabs a mic and says Hell in a Cell. The main event of the next PPV is set. No sneaky cash-in. No taking advantage of the hurt champion. Just a bad dude calling his shot. Strowman vs Lesnar at HIAC.

That’s my fantasy booking. You like it? Hate it? Want to share your fantasy booking ideas? Find us on Twitter @TheFiveStarShow or me @5StarShowtime

Cover Photo via Google/Pro Wrestling Dot Net