Saturday night, the girlfriend and I attended Shania Twain’s Nashville concert at the Bridgestone Arena.

One of my fears going into the concert is that she would play mostly new music. I’ve only heard maybe one of her new songs going into this show.

I think Shania played four new songs. The one I had heard before, “Swinging with my Eyes Closed”, and three songs I had never heard. The rest of her performance was just hit after hit.

The thing about Shania is when she was at her peak, and every song of hers was on the radio, I was roughly 10 to 15 years old. I had forgotten just how many hits she has. Every time she would go to play a song it seem like I would say “wow I forgot about this song!”

I’ve been to concerts before where the artist will play a medley of hits. I understand it but I hate it. I want to hear every hit in full! Not a verse of this splashed into a verse of that. Shania did not disappoint. She only did a three song medley in the form of “let’s go back and watch some old music videos when I was younger.”

If you look at her greatest hits album, which you can buy on Amazon using the link below, she sang I think 16 of the 21 songs on that album. Three additional songs as part of that medley.

She looked phenomenal. She showed time has not passed her by. Her performance was great. At one point she was lifted in the air singing on a guitar case. She doesn’t do backflips or anything like that anymore, in fact she mentioned that in her video medley. But she can move around and shake her hips to all of her hits.

Her show lasted about 2 hours. There was a false Grand Finale before the crowd started cheering as loud as they had all night. Then the first chords of “Man I Feel Like a Woman” hit the speakers and the roof blew off the place.

My expectation going into this show, I thought it would be a B or B+. I thought she would still be able to sing but I didn’t think the presentation would be so great. I didn’t think she would be as active. And I didn’t expect her to sing as many of her hits as she did. She put on a two hour clinic of how concerts are supposed to be done.

Shania is 52 years old is worth hundreds of millions of dollars and has sold over 80 million records. For her to go out there and tear the house down like she did was simply amazing.

This was a five star show.

This guy. I expect him at a Republican Convention or a Marilyn Manson show. But Shania?

“You’re Still The One” … She’s the bright light dead center floating over the audience.

Come on Boots! The video focuses about 5 seconds in. Good look of the crowd. Looked sold out to me.

This guy! I had a young man next to me with his date. He starts the conversation with, “Do you have any adderall?” I’m like, “dude, really?!” I’m on a date night with Miss D.A.R.E. 2018 and you wanna bring up drugs? Fuck man. Do I just scream druggy? Anyways, me and my new friend were talking and cussing in between the opener and Shania. This guy pictured turns around and says “I didn’t come here to listen to you cuss young man.” I took it in stride. Called him a bitch under my breath (like a bitch). We made up later. Bitch.

The Pregame with the GF. A little buzzed at this point.

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