The Intercontinental and United States Championships have taken a back seat the last month or so. The Universal Champion, Roman Reigns, was at least told he’s not allowed to defend his title until WWE Crown Jewel. But why haven’t the Mid Card Champions been defending their titles?

Seth Rollins won the Intercontinental Championship at SummerSlam. He has defended his title twice. He’s been stuck in The Shield reunion and is now in a WWE World Cup tournament to determine “The Best in the World.” The Kingslayer was as hot as can be this Spring and Summer. But this Shield reunion to get Roman cheered has killed Seth’s momentum. And it’s hurt what was RAW’s best title while Brock Lesnar had the Red Belt in the woods.

When Seth won the IC title the first time this year at Wrestlemania, he kept that belt relevant and his character was on fire. Mr. Burn it Down defended the title seven times against the likes of Finn Balor, The Miz, Mojo Rawley, and Elias. There was an open challenge on Monday nights, which is ultimately how Rollins lost the championship to Dolph Ziggler in June.

To review: Seth had the title from Wrestlemania until June 18th. That’s 72 days. In 72 days, Rollins defended the title seven times against seven different opponents. Since winning the title for the second time at SummerSlam, Rollins has held the belt for 58 days and counting. He has defended the white belt twice against two different opponents.

Seth needs Dean Ambrose to hurry up and blow up The Shield so he can get back to defending his title.

At least Seth Rollins has been tied up in Monday’s top feud. Shinsuke Nakamura has no damn excuse. Shinsuke, The United States Champion on Smackdown, has been a complete afterthought. The King of Strong Style won the championship at Extreme Rules in July. Since then, Nakamura has defended the title only THREE TIMES. Against two different opponents.

This reign as a US Champion has been horrible. Hell, Lesnar defended his Universal Championship more than Shinsuke defends the Red, White, and Blue Belt. Shinsuke was involved in a feud with Jeff Hardy and Randy Orton over the US title. Jeff and Randy spun off that feud into a feud of their own. That feud culminated in a Hell in a Cell match. Shinsuke wasn’t even on the Hell in a Cell card! Nor was he at Super Show Down in Australia.

Shinsuke had his first match period in three weeks when he attempted to qualify for the WWE World Cup last night. He was defeated by Rey Mysterio. The positive in that result is at least Shin is free to defend his title instead of chasing a mythical Cup. Seth Rollins doesn’t look like he’ll defend his championship any time soon. The World Cup takes place at WWE Crown Jewel November 2nd. So there’s two more weeks at least of Intercontinental island.

The list of contenders for each mid card title is looking slim as well. Assuming Seth starts defending his title after WWE Crown Jewel, a likely opponent would be Drew McIntyre. That somewhat continues The Shield vs The Brauns feud. And it would give Drew his first shot at an individual main roster title since returning to WWE. Even though I feel like we’ve seen some variation of Drew vs Seth 100 times already.

On Tuesday’s, I don’t know who could challenge for the US title that would be a fresh face. Maybe Tye Dillinger? He was tagging along with R-Truth until R-Truth accidentally became the bigger star of that group. Truth got a dance segment with Vince! Tye was counting to ten in catering (probably). Miz will be gunning for the WWE Championship. As will Daniel Bryan. Maybe Samoa Joe could challenge Shinsuke if he’s done stalking Wendy.

Point is, the outlook for each show’s number two championship isn’t great. WWE will figure it out. But for now, those titles are just props and nothing more.

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