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Becky vs Asuka for Smackdown Women’s Championship

Becky legit loses to Asuka. Becky tapped out. Conor McGregor tapped out and is still a big star. Surprised Becky lost clean. Good for Asuka. Asuka needed a clean win.

Shane and Miz vs The Bar for The Smackdown Tag Team Championships

Shane determined to fly off something. Shane with a Shooting Star! New Smackdown Champs!

RAW Women’s Championship Ronda vs Sasha

What a match! Physical. Submission attempts. Incredible stuff. Sasha looked strong. Piper’s Pit for the win. Ronda still the Champion! Sasha with the 4 after the match. 4 Horsewoman tease?

Women’s Royal Rumble! Becky Lynch Wins

Lacey Evans is #1. Natalya #2. Liv first eliminated as the 4th entrant. Lasted like 8 seconds.

Nikki Cross in at #9 with the best crowd pop so far…

Charlotte at #13 too many in the ring IMO but it’s still solid action. Women getting this Rumble thing down after plenty of practice in 2018.

Naomi eliminates Mandy. Naomi with an incredible Kofi spot. Only to get eliminated by the already eliminated Mandy.

Lacey eliminated after a half hour. Good job for her. #2 Natalya still in it.

Zelina in at 20. 10 more to go. Still no Nia, Alexa, or Becky….

On to #24. Rhea Ripley! Zelina Vega hiding under the ring just chilling.

#25…. still missing some big names. Gonna finish strong I suppose.

Hornswoggle scares Zelina into the ring. Zelina is promptly eliminated.

Alexa at 26! Bayley at 27. Forgot about her. Please be Nia then Becky. Carmella is 30 remember.

Injured Lana can’t compete. Becky is the replacement?!!!?! Yes! Finlay allows it! Lana was injured on the pre-show. Nothing but former World Champs in the ring now! Carmella, Alexa, Nia, Bayley, Becky, and Charlotte.

Alexa tossed! Nia tries to facebreak Becky but Charlotte breaks it up!

Mella gone. Final 4 is Bayley, Nia, Becky, Charlotte.

Bayley gone.

Controversy for sure. No Mania sign to point at so it’s lit up on the scoreboard instead.

Taking a break during AJ/DB. Sounds crazy but I need meds and to put my daughter to bed….

WWE Championship AJ Styles vs Daniel Bryan

Back at it after a brief break. Does feel like WWE Championship got the death spot. Right after Becky. Crowd not hot despite a good match. Guess the outcome seems inevitable. Erik Rowan is here? Why? Rowan choke slams AJ with the official down! So confused.

Universal Championship Brock Lesnar vs Finn Balor

Finn attacks early. Diverticulitis attack from Finn to Brock. Brock with a couple suplexes but not City yet. Back and forth. Finn with more offense. Brock’s offense more effective.

Men’s Royal Rumble Seth Rollins wins!

Elias is #1 … and fucking Jeff Jarrett is #2 OMG this is so funny!

Jarrett eliminated after a guitar shot by Elias. Shinsuke #3. Elias does old school all the way across the ropes to Shinsuke. Kurt Angle is #4!!

Angle gone. Big E 5. Johnny Gargano in at #6

Jinder in. Jinder Out. #8 is Samoa Joe! Time for Joe to win something! Joe tosses Big E. Seems like the interval has shrank less than 90 seconds. Hawkins in. Hawkins clutched. Still in the match. Hawkins with the Vega/Hornswoggle hiding gimmick now.

Seth Rollins is in at 10! He’s my prediction. Let’s see how this goes.

Titus in at 11. Remains upright. Then crawls under to hang with Hawkins. Both get back in the ring. Hawkins tosses Titus! Joe tosses Hawkins. Kofi is 12. Ali is 13. Ali eliminates Shinsuke. Ali got murdered by Joe. Still in it. Dean is in next. Kofi with the Kofi spot. No Way Jose is 15.

Joe instantly eliminates Jose but the party is still on apparently lol.

Drew is 16. He’s a top favorite to win this. Drew wipes out the eliminated Jose and the Conga Line jobbers.

New Day Gone. Commentary is Gold. JBL and King are on point. Pete Dunne is in!!! Love it!

Andrade, Apollo, Aleister Black are in. Black eliminates Ambrose! Shelton is in. Ali eliminates Joe!

Apollo gone. Corbin in. Commentary confuses Shelton and Apollo bc why not lol.

Jeff Hardy is 24!!!

Dunne and Black gone. 25 is Rey Mysterio.

Lashley in Lashley out. Bobby puts Seth through the announce table on the way out. Seth is dead. So Seth is winning.


Ziggler is 28. Remember R-Truth is 30. One more left. Ziggler tosses Drew. Braun dangling on the apron.

29 is Mr. RKO. 30 is R-Truth… but is attacked by…. Nia Jax?! Nia is 30?! Nia tosses Ali. WTF

Randy tries to RKO Nia. Blocked. Nia tells Rey to 619 Randy. Nia picks up Rey. Nia kicked by Ziggler. Nia gets 619’d! Nia gets RKO’d. What is HAPPENING!!!!! Orton and Rey try to toss Nia. Rey slide kicks Nia out. Randy RKO’s and tosses Rey. Andrade tosses Randy! Remember Seth and Braun are still dead. Down to Andrade and Ziggler in the ring. Crazy town.

Down to Seth and Braun. Seth has Braun in trouble on the apron. It’s the final 2! Braun goes to eliminate Seth. Seth has Braun in a chokehold. Both on the apron. Seth stomps Braun on the apron. Seth is your winner!!!!