I am watching RAW on DVR. Here’s what I think about it.

Love the Dean Ambrose interview segment in the ring. He teased the possibility of turning on The Shield. He didn’t end up doing it. Out comes Baron Corbin. Baron gives Dean 3 choices. Dean can wrestle Seth Rollins for the IC title, Roman Reigns for the Universal, or Braun Strowman.

Dean doesn’t pick so Corbin picks for him. It’s Braun. Hard hitting match ensues. Dean hits a Dirty Deeds for a 2 count. Strowman takes control. 2 powerslams. Then, as Braun goes for powerslam 3, Roman comes out. Next comes Seth. DQ finish. The Pack comes out. Baron Corbin comes back up and says since The Shield won’t let Dean handle his own business there’s gonna be some consequences. Baron announces Seth vs Drew McIntyre and Roman vs Dolph Ziggler tonight.

Backstage, Dean has an ice pack. Seth checks on him. Says it’s about the War not the Battle. Dean smirks and says he could be Intercontinental Champion right now.

This is really good stuff with Dean Ambrose. Will he or won’t he go out on his own? I love the slow build instead of the quick surprise to this.

Looked like Roman and Dolph would be for the title. Corbin comes out and says this and Seth’s match are non-title. Also, Roman can’t put the title on the line until Crown Jewel in November?! Lame

Dolph has control early. Famouser for a 2 count. Roman kicks out of everything. Roman hulks up as Dolph goes for the finish. Superman punch. Dolph kicks out! Dolph is woozy. Jumps over spear for a roll up. Roman kicks out. Super Spear outta nowhere! Roman wins.

Good match. RAW is good so far!

Bellas and Natalya backstage. Joined by Ronda!

Ronda vs Ruby is next

Ruby has red ish hair and a tan now. Looks good. Liv is on the outside after getting her head kicked off last week. Ronda off to a hot start vs Riott. Riott recovers on the outside. Comes back in and starts beating ass. They go to the outside. Ruby smashes Ronda into the post. Back in the ring now Ruby in control. Ruby sends Ronda to the outside. Riott Squad goes to attach but the Bellas are there to stop that.

Why is Ronda not a bad ass?! Squash City is the recipe! Instead she’s getting her ass beat. We know she’s gonna win this but still. Ronda’s shirt is messed up. Hoping for a wardrobe malfunction.

The ref is way too tan. Rousey catches the Riott Kick and counters with a slam. Rousey rips her shirt that was already falling off like Hulk. Huge slam. Squad tries to interfere. Distracts Ronda. Surprise Ruby roll up. 2 count. Ronda mad. Ronda does the Ronda Slam followed by an armbar. Ronda wins!

It’s Glorious Time!….I used to care. I’m fast forwarding this.

Apparently one of the Ascension beat Bobby Roode? Ok… that was worth coming up from NXT.

Bliss is talking about Trish. Trish apparently burped in her face when Alexa was a kid. Trish tried to charge $50 for an autograph apparently. Whatever.

Speaking of whatever. The B Team is here. GF says they are male cheerleaders. FF button activate. Mixed match ad comes on before I can hit the button. Tomorrow is “what happened in Milwaukee with Lana” … well it can’t be thaaaatt bad if Rusev and Lana are teaming up after Smackdown on Facebook right?

B Team beat Revival. OK. AOP comes out to kick ass. Colliding Powerbomb,

Dean is backstage still sore after an hour ish. Here comes Roman to check on him. Dean says if he wasn’t a nice guy he might be Universal Champion. Burn.

This show sucks now. Backstage Baron congratulates AOP for kicking ass.

Charly in the ring for breast cancer. Yawn. Video package for breast cancer.

Backstage Dolph pep talks Braun and Drew. Braun says Dean is a winner. And we don’t need any weak links while looking at Dolph. It’s Seth vs Drew now.

I’m skimming this one. It’s 11pm and I’m tired. Nice off the steps apron side slam from Drew to Seth. Cool combo slam counter to rollup from Seth to Drew. Seth picks up Drew for a powerful slam. Impressive shit! Seth bucklebombs Drew after carrying him across the ring! Wow! Seth is gonna win! Nope! Here comes Dolph. Dolph distracts Seth. Claymore kick! Here comes Roman! Here comes Braun! Jesus man. Here comes Dean with an ax handle! Wowzers! Kick-Zag from Drew and Dolph to Dean. Time for Braun to slam Roman. Shield is down. Pack stands strong and does The Shield fist bump.

Elias and Kevin Owens backstage. Elias has his rider supplies. Triangle of waters, spinach, mints, and cashews. Elias doesn’t like cashews. He likes almonds! Cashews to the face of a poor staffer.

We get a shot of the space needle. We are inside KeyArena. I miss the Sonics. Cool 2K19 commercial. Too bad the commercials are always better than the game.

Elias in the ring for his guitar segment joined by KO. Fans love it. KO felt the music in his bones. Fans want to Walk With Elias. KO talks about him and Elias tagging together at SSD against Cena and Lashley. Elias says Cena and Lashley being a team doesn’t make sense. Like SEATTLE HAVING A BASKETBALL TEAM DOESN’T MAKE SENSE! OKC MAKES SENSE BUT SEATTLE? NOPE! The fans kill KO and Elias for the rest of the segment. They can barely get through the rest of the segment. KO trashes Cena for not being around but it doesn’t matter. The fans are torching KO and Elias. This is Attitude Era heat! You have got to see this segment!

Lio Rush comes out to fuck up the best random segment of the year. A “Su-per Son-ics” chant breaks out to interrupt Lio Rush. Rush finally gets Lashley out. Graves says if you close your eyes Lio sounds like Meatwad from Aqua Teen Hunger Force!!!! I just fucking died!

Lashley and KO have a match. Renee puts over Cena’s new Chinese move of doom. Lashley shoulders the ring post. Why do big men always self injure themselves with a spear to the post? Elias has Rush on the outside. Sneak roll up from KO to Lashley for the 3 count! 2 on 1 attack now to Lashley. Lio off the top and gets smashed by Elias. Pop up powerbomb from KO to Bobby. KO and Elias celebrate.

Bailey vs Alicia Fox is next. Fast Forward button time! FF button too quick! Idk who won it was so fast. Oh well. HBK is here!

HBK puts over how big this match between HHH and Undertaker will be. HBK feels the emotions. Last time ever. He notes last time ever “one on one” …hint hint? Shawn bought a ticket. He was going to be a fan. Until Taker talked shit and now HBK is involved. Shawn will always pick his best friend. That upset Undertaker. Taker made it personal. So it’s personal. Now HBK addresses Kane. If Kane gets in the ring he’s getting Sweet Chin Music. Here comes Kane! Kane’s music hits! Shawn looks at the ramp. Kane is behind Shawn! Right hand!

Gong! Taker is here! Holy Shit! Taker slashes throat. Tombstone time? Nope! HHH is here! HHH punches Taker and Kane. Now Shawn is up. Uh oh. Double choke slam time! Taker to HHH. Kane to Shawn. The Brothers of Destruction are back! Taker goes to exit then re enters. Tombstone to HHH! Show goes off the air with Kane and Taker at the ramp fists raised.

This was a great show, especially on DVR. So I’m guessing all the opposite results will happen at SSD. Cena and Lashley win. Shield wins. HHH wins. Etc. Join me at 3:30 am CST for the SSD preshow on YouTube at The Five Star Show.

We will see you tomorrow night for Smackdown on DVR.