I was at Monday Night RAW live in Memphis, TN last night. Tonight, I watched Smackdown Live from my bed. Here are some moments I hated, liked, and loved.

Loved it!

Braun flipped a limo. I can watch Braun flip vehicles all day. I’d pay him to flip my Jeep into oblivion.

Vince being at RAW. I had never had the chance to yell “No Chance in Hell” live until yesterday. It’s as awesome as it looks on TV. To be able to say I saw Vince live is a another check off the bucket list.

Becky Lynch vs Peyton Royce. I loved this selfishly, not for match quality or anything. If I could repopulate the earth with two WWE women, these two would be my pick.

The whole AJ concession segment! AJ Styles outta nowhere during Becky and Asuka’s stare down. The cliffhanger before commercial to figure out where AJ was going was a nice touch. Hot dogs for everybody! Merch for everybody! Daniel attacking. Slipping and sliding in mustard.

Samoa Joe is pissed! I just wish it would lead to him actually winning something. But his instant rush attack on Mustafa Ali was awesome. “Get your ass up!” Then, Joe came back for more. And Ali sure can sell being thrown into the post. Might be the best thrown into the post sell I’ve ever seen.

Liked it!

Alexa’s coffee scene. I don’t know why people hated this. It’s Alexa Bliss topless! Pretend WWE is a cake. The cake can be PG. Just give me some Attitude Era icing and sprinkles. I would’ve loved a bra spot instead of covering the topless.

Finn Balor becoming Brock’s challenger for the Universal Championship at Royal Rumble. Brock works best with smaller quicker guys. See AJ and Daniel Bryan for example. However, if Finn isn’t The Demon King, it will be a waste of time.

The new Women’s Tag Belts. I didn’t get a great look at the belts live. But at least these belts aren’t generic. I’ll decide if I love them once I get a better look at them.

Bobby Lashley becoming the IC champ. Lio Rush has calmed down some and Bobby isn’t showing his glutes to the crowd. Maybe WWE is finding the right touch with Bob.

Jimmy Uso and Mandy Rose. Similar to my thoughts on Alexa. This is good stuff. It’s okay to have some adult content on a PG show. 10 minutes of hot sexy woman action between five hours of sweaty people wrestling is perfectly fine with me. One good thing about Vince Russo type writing, everybody has a story. This gives Naomi someone to hate and gives us a break from The Bar and New Day rematches.

Hated it!

Asuka on the microphone. Just screaming and yelling in Japanese. And how did she just make a match happen with Billie Kay? I like Asuka. Just not on the microphone.

Ronda on the microphone. Why oh why? This is not a hard formula. Beat ass. Armbar. Tapout. It worked in UFC! I don’t understand why Ronda is speaking. And I really don’t understand why Ronda is apologizing for her statements. She wants to keep her title. She wants to tapout Sasha Banks. Why the backtracking half apology?

“Cien” Almas? I don’t hate him. I hate that he lost the rest of his name! Vince hates last names apparently. Now he is just Andrade? Dumb.

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