Look, I’m not the NFL writer for TFSS. That job belongs to the great Rickey Brooksher. However, I do run this website so I want to offer up some predictions! With the amazing (oh wait…) success of The Weekend Gambling Guide, I feel like my prediction game is off the chart! (Checks bank account….YIKES!)

Here are some of my predictions for the NFL Draft in Nashville. This is pre-combine! Predictions subject to change…


Whether it’s Walter Football or Charley Casserly there are plenty of smart people saying Bosa will be the number one pick. Nick Bosa is great. The edge rusher from Ohio State missed a majority of 2018 and is still worthy of being the first selection.

Here’s the thing. NFL GM’s haven’t had enough time to fall in love with a quarterback yet! Somebody is going to need Bosa’s teammate Haskins. Maybe even Oklahoma’s Kyler Murray. Look at this research I’m about to hit you with.

Many 2018 Mock Draft v 1.0, including CBS Sports and USA Todayhad Sam Darnold going first overall. Now at least the position was correct. I’m predicting not only the player being incorrect, but the position as well!

Let’s go back to 2016. Pete Prisco said on February 21st that Laremy Tunsil would be the first pick of the draft. Mel Kiper had Nick’s brother Joey going number one in his Mock Draft version 1.0. Jared Goff was the eventual number one pick.

Here’s where I could be wrong. 2017 basically everyone had DE Myles Garrett number one from the start. Garrett went number one. This bodes well for Nick Bosa and all of his first pick predictors.


The number one overall pick only gets traded once a decade or so. It happened in 2001. It happened again in 2016. These odds are against my prediction for sure. But is one good defensive end going to make a world of difference for the Cardinals? I don’t think so. The numbers don’t lie.

Via the Cardinals ranked 32nd in Points Per Game, Yards Per Game, Passing Yards Per Game, and Rushing Yards per game. That’s HORRIBLE. You think new Head Coach Kliff Kingsbury wants to draft defense? No! He wants to get some high flying offense going. The Cardinals already have Chandler Jones. He had 13 sacks last year. And the Cardinals still sucked!

If Arizona likes Rosen, it would be wise to back out of the top spot. Let some other team fall in love with a quarterback. Hell, let some team fall in love with Bosa. Just get more picks and more talent. If the Cardinals draft correctly, multiple good players will pay off more than one (potentially) great player.

I’ll have some more NFL Draft Hot Takes in the coming weeks. I have weekly crazy predictions each Thursday with The Weekend Gambling Guide #WGG. Want some good football talk? Check out Rickey Brooksher on TFSS. Follow on social @TheFiveStarShow.

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