And all that glitters is not gold…

Why do you watch professional sports? Is it to follow your favorite player? Is it because of gambling? You have players on your fantasy team? These are all valid reasons to watch men be athletic. Just please don’t forget…

The main reason you should watch sports is to watch your team WIN! Winning is all that matters!

NBA Free Agency is amazing. Wimbledon, The World Cup, Auto Racing, Combat Sports, and Major League Baseball are all in full swing! Live action going on right now! Yet you turn on your TV and all you see is LeBron! Boogie Cousins is on the Warriors! The talking heads debate how this affects the NBA landscape. You know, the NBA that doesn’t start playing games until Halloween.

Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy the spectacle. Not that my Memphis Grizzlies have signed anyone of significance or anything. LeBron going to the Lakers is a story. The Warriors getting DeMarcus for only five million dollars is a boss move. In reality, however, I call free agency a spectacle for a reason. Because truthfully..

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The Lakers have some kids, “crazy” Lance, “plays when he wants to” Rajon, and LeBron. The Warriors, ya know, winners of three of the last four championships, still have Durant, Curry, Thompson, and Draymond. The Lakers would potentially play the Warriors in the SECOND ROUND of the Western Conference Playoffs. LeBron going to La La Land is great for lifestyle. As I sit in Nashville typing this, it’s 91 degrees with 61 percent humidity. In the City of Angels, the thermometer reads 70 degrees. I want to go to Los Angeles too! But if the ultimate goal is winning, this ain’t it.

DeMarcus Cousins signing on for one year five million in Oakland is amazing. This guy is a 20-10 all star when healthy. But guess what? He’s not healthy! He blew his Achilles. Here’s the list of athletes that came back from an Achilles injury equal to or better than before the injury..

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Is it a story? Yes! Is it a power move? Yes! Does it make a difference in which team you thought would win the championship in 2019? NO! The Warriors were the favorite before free agency. The Warriors are the favorite now. As long as the team keeps it’s core 4 of all-stars, 3/4 looks to become 4/5 titles by June.

The hoopla is fun! I’m not here to be a downer. Just remember. If the goal is the trophy, none of this matters.

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