Nashville SC took a major step in the transition from USL member to MLS expansion team last Thursday night at Marathon Music Works. The team name, logo, color scheme, and hashtag for next year’s addition to MLS were all revealed last night in front of approximately 2,000 fans. Let’s break it all down.

But first… a soccer article on The Five Star Show? Yep that’s right! I’m not a soccer expert. But this project is something special to me. See if this sounds familiar. New on the scene. Based out of Nashville. Had initial success and support. Is about to take a major leap to the next level…. Am I talking about The Five Star Show or Nashville SC? Correct answer of course is both! I look forward to bringing the best coverage I can for Nashville’s newest professional sports team to The Five Star Show. More details to come later.

Let’s start with the team name. It stays the same from USL to MLS. Nashville SC. I love it. I like that Nashville is using S for Soccer Club instead of F for football. Obviously, teams outside of America should use FC. But in the USA? It’s gotta be SC. Good call for the name.

The team is entering it’s second USL season, so why a new logo? As stated above, I’m no expert. Some quick research showed me that every promoted team has changed logos via Forbes. Promoted isn’t technically the correct term, as the USL club and the new MLS club are separate entities via Tennessean. But the point is, new league, new logo.

 first logo via Nashville Post/Google

The story of the logo can be found at the link below.

The history behind Nashville SC’s logo

I’m just here to give you my opinion. I’ve always liked this logo. I liked it when I first saw it. I like it now. The colors are nice. The logo is simple enough but still cool. This logo is a hit with me. Now let’s take a look at the new logo.

 new logo via Twitter/Google

My first reaction… I didn’t love it. I don’t like change in general. Whether it’s a new hire at work, a new paint scheme for the bedroom, or a sports team logo, I am hesitant to change. I like what I like don’t mess with it. After a few days have passed, I must say my opinion has changed.

The logo is designed to incorporate the music tradition of Nashville. Rather than music notes or a guitar, Nashville SC went a different route. The lines are designed to represent sound waves via Forbes. The color scheme is Acoustic Blue and Electric Gold via The Washington Post. Gold will be the primary home uniform color.

After the explanation and some time to digest, I’m now excited about the new logo. I can’t wait to see the new kit on the pitch for MLS in 2020.

The USL Nashville team will finish out it’s tenure at First Tennessee Park, home of minor league baseball’s Nashville Sounds. The MLS team will play its inaugural season at Nissan Stadium, home of the Tennessee Titans. In 2021, SC will have it’s own home at a soccer specific complex located at the Nashville Fairgrounds.

There is plenty to be excited about with this team. We know the stadiums and the colors. Player familiarity will come over time. The fan base is growing. What seemed unrealistic 20 years ago and a dream 10 years ago is now reality. Nashville SC is here. Nashville SC has an identity. MLS here we come.

It is my plan to present Nashville SC related content each Tuesday on The Five Star Show. Next Tuesday will be a dummy’s guide to USL.

Cover Photo via SI/Google