I sit down for dinner. Country fried steak. Turn on Raw with my family. Roman’s music hits. Here we go same old shit. Then Roman walks out not wearing his usual gear. Something is up. Roman wasn’t on the live events this weekend according to reports. Was he injured? He was apparently working out in the ring before Raw tonight. What’s the deal?

Reigns says he can’t live up to the standard he set for being Universal Champion. He says his name is Joe. And he has leukemia. Roman Reigns is giving up the Universal Championship to fight leukemia.

Absolutely stunned. I cry. The girlfriend cries. Awful.

Roman had battled this before, something of which I was unaware. The realist thing to hit a “fake” show in years. Roman will battle this and he vowed to comeback. “This isn’t a retirement speech,” he said. What an unbelievable start to Monday Night Raw.

I have booed The Big Dog many times. I hope he loses more wrestling matches than he wins. But none of that mattered at this moment. All the mattered was a man who has entertained me for years is suddenly going through a real life battle with leukemia. I hope he comes back stronger and better than ever.

I have no idea what a timetable would be. But could you imagine him coming out as number 30 in the Royal Rumble. That place would go insane in a good way. Roman, we wish you the best.

Insane in a bad way would close the show. I’m usually not for sympathetic title victories. But on this night, the right decision was made. Initially. Shield members Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose challenged for the Tag Team Championship against Champions Drew McIntyre and Dolph Ziggler.

The match was very entertaining and tense. Near falls here and there. In the end, Seth and Dean come out victorious. Your new Tag Champs! End the show on a high note. Their brother in arms started the show by announcing his leukemia. We end the show with his teammates winning the Tag Titles. I’m okay with this. Happy ending.

And then… they fucking did it.

WWE has been teasing that Dean may turn heel against his brothers for weeks. But with the shocking announcement in the beginning pf the show, those plans OBVIOUSLY had to be scrapped. Right? Nope.

Dean viciously attacked Seth moments after WINNING the Titles. They didn’t lose! They won! And Dean attacks Seth. This attack wasn’t brief. It took several agonizing minutes. Seth was beaten badly. The crowd was in shock. The ultimate swerve, bro.

This is HORRIBLE. NOT TONIGHT. The crowd reaction wasn’t “you suck” hate. It wasn’t “boo we don’t like you bad guy” hate. This was REAL hate. This was FUCK YOU hate. What an awful decision.

I get the logic. It’s the red button. What if we do it tonight? Nobody would expect that! I’m sure that was said in the writer’s room. But somebody with some damn sense should’ve stood up and said no. Not tonight man. Not cool. Apparently that didn’t happen. It should’ve.

This is the biggest booking misstep since Daniel Bryan’s mistreatment when the Yes movement was getting hot. Fitting since Bryan has had his own health problems and announcements to deal with. What a terrible decision to end the show with a post match assault between Reigns’ brothers. Send the crowd home happy. This was poor taste.

Time will go on. This will probably benefit the storyline later. But tonight this was the wrong decision. Roman get better man we’re cheering for ya.

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Cover photo via The Big Lead/Google