WWE’S Money in the Bank pay-per-view takes place Sunday June 17th at the Allstate Arena near Chicago, Illinois. We at TFSS will do a breakdown and preview of the full card in a week or so. For now, let’s discuss the early betting odds of the Men’s Money in the Bank ladder match. Yes, you can bet on professional wrestling…err sports entertainment. No, I do not recommend doing so.

The men’s ladder match is typically the biggest event of the night. We’ll see if that’s the case, pun intended, this year. This match has some competition in the form of the WWE championship match between Shinsuke and AJ Styles. Also Raw Women’s Champion Nia Jax defends her title against Ronda Rousey. Not to mention the Women’s ladder match.

For the WWE novices, the Money in the Bank ladder match works like this. Four men from WWE Raw and four men from WWE Smackdown Live compete in a ladder match. Hanging from the ceiling is a Money in the Bank briefcase. A superstar must climb the ladder and retrieve the briefcase to become the winner of the match. In that briefcase is a contract. The contract says the winner of the ladder match gets a one-time World Championship title opportunity at ANY point over the next year. Usually, the briefcase holder waits until the world champion is weak and vulnerable to “cash in” the briefcase. Once the briefcase is cashed in, a match starts immediately and in most instances the briefcase holder defeats the champ to become World Champion.

Same rules apply for the women’s match but this article will focus on the men.

Some superstars have “cashed in” their briefcase the same night during a title match. Others have waited until a big PPV match like Seth Rollins’ famous Wrestlemania cash in. The suspense of a briefcase holder being able to cash in at any point makes the champion constantly look over his shoulder.

This year’s ladder match participants are:

From Raw: Braun Strowman. Finn Balor. Bobby Roode. Kevin Owens.

From SDLive: Miz. Rusev. Samoa Joe. A member of the New Day (Xavier Woods, Kofi Kingston, Big E)

-most “experts” predict Big E will be the chosen member of New Day to compete in the match. So we will go with that theory as well.

Now that we know the competitors and the rules, let’s look at the odds.

From Ringside News via Sports Betting Experts:

Early Betting Odds for WWE Money in the Bank

Braun Stroman: +350
The Miz: +500
Rusev: +500
Samoa Joe: +700
Finn Balor: +700
Kevin Owens: +950
Big E: +1000 *
Kofi Kingston: +1250 *
Bobby Roode: +1500
Xavier Woods: +1500 *

  • only one of the * superstars will actually participate in the match

Skybet sees the odds slightly different. Big E has better odds at 3rd favorite while Rusev is more of a longshot.

I have a theory on the briefcase winner. Only someone who “needs” the briefcase to enhance his character, or move his character in a different direction, should win the briefcase. Using my theory, there is a clear cut choice for the 2018 MITB winner.

First, who doesn’t need it.

Braun Strowman: The idea of him menacing the roster with a briefcase sounds great in theory. The reality, however, is that he can menace the roster without a briefcase. Braun does what Braun wants.

Samoa Joe: Similar to Braun, Joe does what Joe wants. I think Joe should first win a mid card title before challenging for a World title. Joe is awesome. But Joe hasn’t actually won any title in WWE. Every other competitor in this match has won at least one WWE secondary championship.

The next category is..¬†It ain’t happening.

Bobby Roode: Sorry buddy. You have been summoned to the wasteland on Raw. At least on Smackdown Live Bobby had a good spot in the midcard. Now? Purgatory it would appear.

Kevin Owens: The whining and complaining KO has run it’s course in my book. Go back to being a bad ass. Please.

So you’re saying there’s a chance?

Big E: If WWE feels the time is right to make a singles star out of Big E, now is the time. Kofi had a solid midcard run years ago, winning the United States and Intercontinental Championship three and four times, respectively. Xavier as a singles competitor doesn’t work. Big E has the charisma to be a babyface and the muscles to be a heel. I just don’t see WWE breaking up the New Day. Not because it’s too soon like in most breakup cases. In this case, it’s merchandise sales and popularity. Big E alone will never sell as many shirts or get the crowd as hype as he does when paired with Kofi and Woods.

Rusev: Rusev Day exploded out of nowhere and not unlike Big E, he keeps selling the shirts. Rusev has been a bad ass before. This time around, no matter how hard WWE creative might try, Rusev is a fan favorite. Keep riding Rusev Day until the bitter end. That end is not now in my opinion. If WWE feels differently, they could revert back to bad ass Rusev. Or WWE could make Rusev’s cash in epic and have a Rusev Championship Day.

Finn Balor: Balor is the first ever Universal Champion. After suffering injury during his title win, he had to relinquish the Raw World Championship. He’s never had a red belt match since. Finn Balor could win the briefcase, ride out Brock Lesnar’s championship reign, and cash in on a new champion. The crowd would love it. Imagine a demon Balor with the strap? Hell at this point just imagine a demon Balor. If I were on the writing team, Finn would be my second favorite. Just behind….


The Miz: Miz is THE choice for the 2018 MITB briefcase. It works in storyline and reality. In storyline, Miz has elevated the Intercontinental Championship to a level of prestige. It can be argued that he is the greatest IC champion of all time. In between 2010, when MIz won his first MITB match, and 2018, there has been no one more consistent on the mic and improved in the ring. In real life, Miz had a baby a couple months ago. A briefcase winner doesn’t have to be on TV every night. Just the threat of him cashing in has to be there.

The Miz weaseling his way into a World Championship would be great for his character, and also well deserved for his hard work over the last few years. At +500 odds, if you are the type to gamble on WWE, he might be worth $100 to profit $500.

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