I am writing this article using voice text so forgive if there are more punctuation errors than normal. I fractured my left wrist changing a tire on Saturday. I knocked the jack out of place while putting the spare tire on the wheel. My spare tire is not a donut. And I am not exactly a mechanic. Because typing hurts, I haven’t been doing articles this week. And I haven’t really even been on Twitter. So this article is just a cluster of thoughts.

Weekend gambling results:

We are almost even again! 4-1 last weekend. 38-38-2 for the year! Only down $87 for the year. I’m going to try to do a weekend article tomorrow but I work a double and I’m not sure I’ll be able to type. We shall see.

Irish Billy Collins:

I consider myself a boxing fan but I don’t know everything. I never knew the story of Irish Billy Collins until I accidentally stumbled upon it while I was trying to take a nap. I started watching old boxing fights and then one thing led to another and I stumbled across this story. If you’re not familiar, the story is Billy was an undefeated prospect with a killer uppercut. He fought on the undercard of a Roberto Duran fight at Madison Square Garden. He was fighting a guy named Luis Resto. Resto at this point was one of those tough guys with experience that a young guy needs to beat to get to the next level. Billy was expected to get a tough challenge but ultimately win the fight.

Instead, what happened is Billy got his ass kicked. He was hit so hard over the course of 10 Rounds, but he never quit and he never went down. At the end of the fight, Resto went over to Collins’ corner to do the hug and shake hands routine when Billy’s dad (and trainer) noticed Resto’s gloves were not proper. Resto and his trainer Panama Lewis, known from the mixed water bottle fight of Aaron Pryor, had manipulated the gloves to where Collins was basically getting punched with bare knuckles.

Collins suffered eye damage and never fought again. He drank. He drove. And he died at the age of 22. There’s so much more to this story including who knew about the gloves, could Billy have fought again after the injury, what happened to the Lewis and Resto, and much more. It’s covered pretty well in a documentary on HBO called Assault in the Ring.

Check it out if you have an hour and a half to spare and you’re interested in boxing and crime.

The part that surprised me about this story is that Billy is from Nashville, actually Antioch, Tennessee. His family still lives about 10 minutes from the house I just moved from. Collins Creek runs through the Antioch area, it is named after his family. Where Billy died is a road I have been on multiple times. He is buried at the cemetery right next to my day job. And we were born on the same day, September 21st. You think I would know about a boxer from right down the road that shares a birthday with me. Glad I discovered it though.

NSFW would you rather:

My coworker and i got into a discussion about would you rather. We are disgusting and we are both heterosexual males. Pick the dollar number that would really change your life. To get that number you can either fuck a guy in the ass. Or suck his dick. Finishing yourself in the fuck, or him in the suck, is necessary. I thought the easy pick was to have sex with the guy. I can close my eyes and pretend that it’s a woman bend him over and just pound it out and cash my check. He says he would rather suck it I guess to get the guy off quickly and get it over with. He said it’s hard to pretend it’s a girl when you know it’s a guy so it would take me forever to finish. I said you can’t pretend anything with a dick in your mouth. The non-scientific poll among friends seemed to lean more my way, but it was not a landslide. Maybe 65/35.

Yanny or Laurel:

I could not give a flying fuck about this. But it’s on my Twitter timeline, the news, and Facebook. I can’t get away from it. It’s fucking Laurel and all you Yanny people are just arguing for the sake of arguing. Get a life.

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