We enter the world of dangerous gambling possibilities this week as the World Cup begins in Russia on Thursday. I enjoy the World Cup. I get into the matches. However, I have never gambled on soccer as much as I am about to now. I hate the idea of gambling on individual matches for several reasons:

  1. I have never done it with regularity. I picked the Champions League winner earlier this year. That’s about it.
  2. Point, or goal I should say, spreads are so low because…. it’s soccer. Scores can be 1-0, 2-1, or the dreaded 0-0 tie.
  3. Moneyline picks include the possibility of a tie!
  4. Over/Unders are so low because, again, soccer.
  5. Bribery and corruption! Is the fix in?

I give you this weekly gambling guide for “entertainment purposes only” for a reason. I’m not a professional gambler. I am a salesperson, a pizza guy, a website founder, a boyfriend, and most importantly a father. I just like to gamble. And I like to share the picks and results with you. I am a regular dude with enough smarts to have an average track record gambling. Some weeks are awesome (see two weeks ago) and some weeks are hot garbage (see last week).

I say all this as a disclaimer/excuse for what I’m about to do. Typically here at TFSS, I place $100 bets because that’s the starting point, in my experience, to make okay cash. I do not have the money to throw hundreds of dollars at bets that I really have no clue how to bet. If you only starting following along last week, you may think I never had a clue to begin with. But if you started last week you probably aren’t still reading the site anymore anyways. So, with all that out in the open, here’s the news. I will be placing $25 bets on the individual World Cup matches listed below. I can still profit some if I win, but not wreck my gambling allowance if I lose. Call it being a pussy. Call it cold feet. I don’t care. It’s my money!

Got it? Good! Before we make the picks, we must quickly update the information after a dreadful week in gambling history.

Last Week Record: 6-10

Last Week Profit/Loss: Lost $498

Year to Date Record: 54-54-2-1 (Win-Loss-Push-Null)

Year to Date Profit/Loss: Profit $98

On to this week!

Odds are courtesy of Bovada. My picks are in BOLD. Profits (EXCEPT THE INDIVIDUAL WORLD CUP MATCHES) are based off $100 bets. The World Cup individual match profits are based off $25 bets. The World Cup individual match moneyline bets are three-way line bets (Win-Lose-Draw)


RUSSIA (-230 ML $11) vs Saudi Arabia


Egypt vs Uruguay DRAW (+265 ML $66)

Morocco vs IRAN (+275 ML $69)

PORTUGAL (+350 ML $88) vs Spain


FRANCE (-425 ML $6) vs Australia


2018 World Cup Outright Winner: FRANCE +700 $700


2018 US Open Outright Winner: JORDAN SPIETH +1800 $1800

Only 7 bets this weekend. Not a ton going on outside of soccer and golf. Maybe we won’t make a huge profit. I’m just hoping I can get my record back up. If we do well with soccer picks this weekend, maybe I’ll up the ante next weekend.

Happy Father’s Day to all the good men out there. Let’s hope we get back on track so I don’t get dumped or put on child support!

Photo Credit Google/CityandState