Well this post took a dramatic turn. It was supposed to be a plan for Becky to beat Ronda Sunday at WWE Survivor Series. In short, Becky pulls a Goldberg. Goldberg beat Brock in a quick surprise at Survivor Series 2016. Brock got his win back at WrestleMania 2017. But…. that article is in the recycle bin because of this news.

Becky Lunch suffered a broken nose and a possible concussion during last night’s awesome closing segment. She has not been cleared to compete for this Sunday’s WWE Survivor Series show.

Initially, when Becky got bloodied last night, we couldn’t tell who did the damage. The camera cuts on TV made it hard to see a clear shot of Becky’s nose exploding. The internet detectives narrowed the culprits down to Nia Jax and Dana Brooke. Brooke was ruled out shortly thereafter. After slowing down the footage, we could tell Nia caused the blood on Becky. But we still couldn’t see exactly how it happened.

We were left to assume that Becky probably caught an accidental elbow. Wrestling is scripted fighting. Accidents happen. Then, because it’s 2018 and everyone has a camera, we finally got the evidence we needed.


Now for those of you that don’t understand why this is so awful, I’ll let Bryan Alvarez explain.

Punches are relatively easy to work (aka fake). Think about playfully punching your kid while wrestling on the bed. In wrestling, body slams are physical. Steel chairs and kendo stick shots do hurt. But a punch is pretty easy to manipulate. A loud stop and a stiff hit to the shoulder can make a punch look devastating, even if it isn’t.

Punches are even easier to manipulate when there are multiple people in the ring. Last night there were more than 10 different women battling inside and outside of the ring. That’s a lot of commotion to focus on. Some eagle eyed Twitter bum is less likely to call a wrestler out for fake punches because there is just too much going on.

That’s what makes this so bad. A move that is easy to work, in a setting where said move is even easier to work, just ruined the main event of WWE Survivor Series. The hottest act in WWE has a concussion do to sloppy work from Nia Jax. More on her later.

So now what does WWE do? As I type this, it’s less than two hours before Smackdown Live is set to air on USA Network. All of this news is coming in. Insiders are trying to get the scoop. Some of my thoughts will look silly I’m sure once we get official word on the plans for Lynch and Survivor Series. But since I don’t have that info now, here are some suggestions for WWE.


Charlotte Flair has long been the standard for the Women’s Division. The daughter of Ric Flair has 7 championships already. The long term thinking was if there was ever going to be a Women’s match main event WrestleMania, it would be Ronda Rousey vs Charlotte Flair. Wrestlemania is in April and as of right now, Charlotte isn’t the top star of the hour. That title goes to Becky Lynch.

Since Becky is out of action for now, WWE could go ahead and move up the Charlotte match with Rousey to this Sunday. This would obviously rush a match that should be allowed more time unfold. Big time matches like Ronda vs Charlotte need a feud and weeks of build up to be a hit in the wrestling world. But it would take a page from the UFC’s book.

Usually, if there is a big headlining match and something happens where a fighter can’t compete, there will be someone on the undercard that could reasonably step in and take the fight. At least the fans still get to see one of the two headliners fight. And the person moved up was already in shape and prepared for a fight anyways. Charlotte could be that person to fill the void last minute.

Had WWE not killed all of Asuka’s momentum, Asuka would have been an option as well. Asuka vs Ronda six months ago would have been golden. Now it would be a clear last minute heave from half court.


This feud between Rousey and Lynch has been epic. Last night’s bloody Becky had social media abuzz. I went from casual interest in WWE Survivor Series to trying to figure out how to ditch work so I can watch this match. This had WrestleMania level feud written all over it.

While Survivor Series is a big WWE Show, it’s not at the level of Mania. The thought going in, before the news of Becky being injured, was this match will be awesome. Becky will look great. Ronda will win. Then WWE builds toward the rumored Charlotte Mania match. By January or February maybe Becky slides back into her #2 role on Smackdown. Flair vs Rousey gets built and headlines the biggest show.

But Flair isn’t the biggest star right now. The biggest star right now in WWE is Lynch. Ronda is the most important woman on the roster. And this Lynch vs Ronda feud was the hottest thing going. Why not just save it until Mania?

This actually gives WWE an out. The creative direction for Ronda Rousey has seemed pretty clear from the jump. Ronda wins. Ronda is the baddest bitch on the roster. Ronda kicks a bunch of ass from bums to formidable challengers. Until she finally faces somebody that fans would believe is a legitimate challenger. That legitimate challenger has always been assumed to be Charlotte Flair. Flair is the golden child of women’s wrestling. Her dad is the greatest world champion in wrestling history. And Charlotte has followed in his footsteps.

But then this Becky thing happened. Becky wasn’t supposed to be this awesome. This was a creative change of pace that exploded more than anyone could’ve imagined. Becky was supposed to get a short boost in exposure. Instead, she got shot to the moon. WWE was in a pickle. Stay with the plan of Ronda winning? That would put a damper on Lynch’s red hot momentum. Or take a risk and have the hottest thing going beat the UFC Hall of Famer? That would be incredible for Lynch in the short term but could damage Rousey’s long term bad ass reputation.

Now WWE has time to figure this out. Thanks to Nia Jax.


Nia is slated to be Ronda’s next opponent after Lynch. Survivor Series is essentially an all-star game. Bragging rights but no stakes. Whoever won or lost Sunday would go back to her show still the champ. Ronda’s next championship challenger is scheduled to be Jax. Jax got this opportunity by winning a battle royal at WWE Evolution.

Jax could step in on Sunday as a last minute replacement. But that goes against the whole formula for Survivor Series. Survivor Series is a RAW vs Smackdown show. That’s the whole point of the show. A Raw vs Raw championship match would seem out of place.

But… if WWE is pissed at Jax for causing this injury, WWE could let her punishment take place on TV this Sunday. If a WWE superstar has heat (is in hot water or pissed somebody off) sometimes that superstar gets punished in storyline. Nia in theory was supposed to be a big challenge for Rousey. Nia is taller and heavier than Ronda. Nia could lose a match to Ronda and still look like a bad ass. That’s important in WWE storyline world. Unless you fuck up.

Nia could step in this Sunday and get her ass kicked by Rousey in about a minute. That could be played off on TV as Rousey just being a bad ass. After all, Rousey used to beat people in UFC in under a minute frequently. But would it really mean is WWE is pissed. Jax still gets her title shot. But it’s a throw away because she fucked up the main event of Sunday’s card.

Nia has a disadvantage in the ring. It’s harder for her to be safe with other wrestlers because she’s so much larger than most of the women. Nia has concussed Zelina Vega and Alexa Bliss just this year. A slam from someone with a significant size advantage can still cause real damage, even if the damage was unintentional. A punch to the face is pretty inexcusable, in my opinion. But I’m also not a wrestler nor do I work for WWE creative.

If WWE feels this was just an accident, Nia won’t step in on Sunday and get killed. Her match with Ronda will take place at a later time and look competitive. If Jax is the substitute on Sunday, she’s in deep shit with WWE.


Lord knows I’m terrible at predictions. I hope Becky isn’t out for too long because the show does go on. What is hot now could be dead in the water in a short period of time. Bad writing, bad wrestling, or bad circumstance like this can make a Superstar go from “best thing going” to “afterthought” in no time. Assuming Becky can return soon ish. Here’s what I would do.

It’s too short sighted to jump the gun on Ronda vs Charlotte. Yes it doesn’t seem as awesome right this second, but that is still a Mania quality feud. Don’t substitute Charlotte this Sunday.

I would actually strip Becky of the Smackdown Women’s Championship tonight on the show. Say that Lynch is too injured to compete, which she is at the moment, and because of this a new Champion must be crowned. This pisses off many fans. “It’s not fair! Why?” Those would be reasonable questions to ask. But in WWE, if a Champ can’t compete, there must be a new Champ.

Becky has time to get her nose and brain heeled. Then she make a return late this year or early next year. However, she doesn’t instantly go for her Smackdown Women’s Championship upon return. She wants Ronda. Ronda is on Raw. Becky is on Smackdown. There’s only one avenue for Becky to get to Ronda. That’s to win the Royal Rumble.

The Royal Rumble takes place in January. The winner of the 30 woman rumble gets a WWE title opportunity of her choosing. Becky wins the Rumble. Becky chooses to challenge Ronda Rousey for her Raw Championship. It would be odd for a Smackdown member to challenge for a Raw title. But it really wouldn’t be about the title. Sunday’s match wasn’t a Championship match. It was top prove who is the best. That’s what Becky wants to prove. And she can do it at Mania, by way of winning the Royal Rumble.

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