by Trevor Warrington

DERRRRO! ITS OSCARS DAY! Those buzzing Oscar bees can rest easy now. That being said the race for gold is still closer than ever. Typically at this point i’m certain of my prediction locks. This year however, i am not so sure. This year, while already being a year of firsts, lasts, and landmarks in Academy Award history is proving to be one of the most extraordinary & diverse milestones to date. 2018 was a force to be reckoned with in film. The knowledge and technology we have today when piecing together motion pictures is truly remarkable. We are able to experience the craft of movies unveil before us. Back in “old Hollywood” days, when the studios were still in charge, we were given classics such as Gone with the wind & The Wizard of Oz. The directors and crew built impressive sets with their hands and we fell in love with the actors because they brought those memorable characters to life.


This year we have eight films contending for Best Picture.


Green Book

The Favourite

A Star is Born

Black Panther


Bohemian Rhapsody



All eight of the films are deserving of their nominations. To narrow the race down just a little we can thank A Star is Born, Blackkklansman and Vice for their candor. Unfortunately i believe the honor is in their nomination. The front-runner this year is Roma. I believe it will take the win. Personally i would love to see Bohemian Rhapsody inside that envelope tonight. Green Book, The Favourite, and Black Panther are really the only competition for projected winner Roma.


The acting categories this year is home to some powerhouse thespians who are vigorously competing for Academy Award achievement. Out of the twenty nominees eleven of them are veterans to the Academy. Rami Malek, Olivia Colman, Regina King, Sam Elliott, Adam Driver, Richard E. Grant, Yalitza Aparicio, and Marina de Tavira are our newcomers up for their first nomination. Lady Gaga received her first and second nominations this year. She is up for Best Song for Shallow in A Star is Born and Best Actress for her role in the same film. She is the front-runner and my prediction for Best Song. Best Actress on the other hand is not hers for the taking. The immaculate veteran Glenn Close has never won an Oscar. She now is the record holder with seven nominations without a win. Front runner in her category, Glenn will finally have her “Leo” moment in taking Best Actress. Rami Malek won the Emmy for Best Actor in Mr Robot just two years ago. He stared as the late Freddie Mercury in Bohemian Rhapsody in 2018. His performance was my personal favorite out of the five actors in the Best Actor category. Having already won the Golden Globe, SAG, and BAFTA for this iconic role, the Oscar is undeniably his for the taking.

Returning supporting actor nominee Mahershala Ali is back just two years after winning for Moonlight. He will win for Green Book tonight in the same category. Richard E. Grant is the only true competition for Mahershala and some predict he could be a big threat for the projected front-runner and actually take the statue himself. Regina King is the final actor expected to win tonight. She is up for If Beale Street could talk. Though she wasn’t nominated for the SAG or BAFTA could hurt her chances and the award could then potentially go to a more deserving Amy Adams for her portrayal of Lynn Cheney in Vice. Adams has been nominated six times in Academy Award past without winning. I think it would be admirable of the Academy to award Amy tonight as they will be doing so for Miss Close.


Roma, aside from being the Best Picture ring leader, is the alpha in the Cinematography and Foreign Language categories also. Director Alfonso Cuaron and Netflix have produced such a masterpiece with this film. Alfonso, without a doubt, will win Best Director. He has recently won the Oscar for Gravity but did not take the BP that year.


Spider Man: Into the spider verse will take Best Animated Feature. Pixar didn’t compete with Incredibles 2. I found it rushed and not needed as far as sequels are concerned. There was definitely and “Cars 3” vibe to it. The animated short film Bao however is adapted from the Pixar studios and will win in its category.


Spike Lee will finally take his overdue achievement for Blackkklansman in the Best Adapted Screenplay category.


First Man and Bohemian Rhapsody will battle it out in the sound and editing categories while Avengers: Infinity War will take Best Visual Effects.


Free Solo is supposed to take Best Documentary. My personal favorite is RBG. I am still surprised the Academy did not nominate the documentary “Won’t you be my neighbor?”.


Having covered pretty much all of the categories i am confident in my predictions and hope to see some surprises as well. I would not be upset if Christian Bale sneaked in for his second win and take Best Actor. I would also graciously welcome Olivia Colman for Best Actress for The Favourite. The Favourite is nominated in ten categories. Roma is the clear expectation of the night but i predict some uproar for sure. Adam Lambert and the members of Queen are going to be performing tonight and i think that is an underline clue that Bohemian could be very familiar to the stage tonight. This isn’t the first time the Oscars haven’t had a host so i do hope they don’t play too much into that. Rather than being overly diverse for ratings and going for shock factor, stay true to the Academy Awards. People that tune in that are loyal viewers aren’t there to be shocked. They’re watching for the art. I will wrap this up with one last nod to BoRhap as i did in my opening DERRRO! Until next year, the show must go on.