Welcome to the 2018 Academy Awards Gambling Guide. I haven’t seen any of these movies but my friend and future Brother-in-Law Trevor -pictured at the bottom- (Snapchat @trevnashboi14) is the biggest movie expert I know. He told me to bet all the money I could afford to lose on Spotlight in 2016 for Best Picture when The Revenant was favored to take home the award. And last year he told me Moonlight would win Best Picture. We thought we lost that one but we know how that turned out. He trusts me with WWE and sports. I trust him with movies.

For the record, my favorite movies are as follows:

  1. Crash
  2. Jurassic Park
  3. Days of Thunder

Moving on…

Trevor routinely gets 9 out of 10 categories correct so I’m presenting you his favorites to win some of the major awards on Sunday. I (courtesy of Bovada as of 3/1/18) have provided you the gambling numbers. The Golden Globes can sometimes do a good job of predicting who will win the award from the Academy. So if the predicted winner also took home the Globe, you will see GLOBE next to it.

Again, these are Trevor’s picks. If his pick is favored it will say so. If his pick isn’t favored, the favorite will be listed.

All profits are based off $100 bets


Best Picture The Shape of Water (+140)  $140 … 2nd Favorite (-115 Three Billboards)

GLOBE Three Billboards Drama. Lady Bird Musical/Comedy

Best Actor Gary Oldman Darkest Hour (-2500 Favorite)  $4 GLOBE

Best Actress Frances McDormand Three Billboards (-2500 Favorite)  $4 GLOBE

Best Supporting Actor Sam Rockwell Three Billboards (-800 Favorite)  $13 GLOBE

Best Supporting Actress Allison Janney I,Tonya (-600 Favorite)  $17 GLOBE

Best Animated Feature Coco (-5000 Favorite) $2 GLOBE

Best Original Score Alexandre Desplat The Shape of Water (-400 Favorite)  $25 GLOBE

Best Original Screenplay Lady Bird (+500)  $500 …3rd Favorite (-200 Get Out) Three Billboards GLOBE

Best Original Song Mighty River Mudbound (+1100)  $1100 … 3rd Favorite (-160 “Remember Me” Coco) “This is Me” The Greatest Showman GLOBE

Best Director Guillermo Del Toro The Shape of Water (-1000 Favorite) $10 GLOBE

There’s 10 (hopefully) winners for you. Some appear to be obvious. Some might be an upset special.Good luck with the picks and enjoy the Academy Awards. Follow Trevor on Snapchat @trevnashboi14 and of course you know to find me on Twitter @5starshowtime

Oscar photo via Wikipedia